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New commentary up on Deathmatch mode, for those of you who still don't have access to the beta.

Deathmatch mode is played in a restricted area of the map, it is very small. I think its great, there is more actions and encounters and you can still play stealthy. This map is very good as its so open, people hardly ever run and there are little roofing opportunities. You can still get some good aerial kills as well. Incognito builds up very well as your target is almost always in sight, the beauty of the stealth for this map isnt the kind of espoinage stealth where you hide behind objects, but you can simply hide in plain sight.

There is no compass, when your target is in sight the profile picture lights up, which isnt much of an indicator on this map anyway which is great, it means you have to look around the entire map to find your target. I highly recommend using morph asap until people figure out who to counter it. I thought of a new tactic for Deathmatch, I tried it out and it was very successful so I will leave that for the next video, but this ramble of a commentary is where I figured it out.

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Calvar The Blade
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I think Deathmatch looks amazing. That's where I'll spend most my time, methinks.

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