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Defence breaks

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I was thinking tonight about combat in AC2. What hit me the most is the fact that Ezio can only initiate a combo kill after the enemy has sustained a specific amount of damage, so I don't understand why it can't be done faster and quicker. In AC1 there is the defence break move which breaks the enemies defence and opens him up to follow up hits. So is that still available in AC2? After a good few hours causing some commotion in Venice I can't seem to do it.

It just seems to take so long for Ezio to take guards out, and why wasn't the defence break move shifted across into AC2 in the first place? Maybe it's the guards, maybe it's me I am unsure but it seems everytime Ezio attacks they never connect that well. Sliding of swords for example.

One more thing...has anybody been in the incredibly fustrating situation when your countering an attack then a guard attacks as your counter attacking the original guard.

I must get AC:B someday as the kill streak's are just my cup of tea Big smile

Maybe Granjew or other experts can help

Many thanks,

Lbtc Wink

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IIRC, the defence break in this game is simply deflect, holding R1. Once you deflect their attack, attack them instantly, it should open up for more hits.