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Dominco da Padova (Difficulty 3)

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Well, its been a long time since I have produced any AC videos to get front paged. With the news of AC:R im inspired to replay ACB and AC1 (replayed AC2 way too many times...) and il be making new videos on ACB. I was going to show how to escape after killing him but whats the point? All the guards run away. I will be focusing on Borgia towers for now but if anyone wants to see me to my alternative escape routes for Templar Agents and Assassination Contracts please say so.

I have a problem though, im on a new PS3 with no save data on me, and im only at my parents place for a few more days. I can still record at my house but I wont be able to capture sound as its a windows 7 laptop. So would you guys still be interested in videos with the same quality but without sound?

Anyway on to the video. The goal is to kill the captain without being seen and without killing any other guards. I show two routes that breach the perimeter, there are more though. I really hate it in ACB how the High Profile execution is so buggy, you see Ezio pretty much go through him. I might consider other methods of killing them in the future ( You cant poison him wtf??!!) so request those now before I move on.

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There's no problem with videos without sound as far as I can see. So please, keep making them! Big smile

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