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Eagle Strike and Superjump at Palazzo della Seta

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Eagle Strike on Emilio Barbarigo
The chimney on the Palazzo roof makes a decent place to perform an eagle strike on Emilio. You need to aim carefully. I jump after the guard responds, "It is done."

Superjump to Infiltrate Palazzo della Seta
Superjump was originally developed by aurllcooljay to infiltrate Palazzo Ducale:

I apply superjump here to infiltrate the Emilio's Palazzo della Seta before the Climb Leap ability is learned.

To superjump, use the air tackle game mechanic to give you extra height during a leap, and then grasp a surface along the trajectory to the tackle target. The trick is to place someone to tackle in the appropriate spot, and then find a place nearby to initiate the air tackle.

Start by clearing out the street-level guards surrounding the Palazzo, and then hire thieves/mercs/courtesans so that they follow you to the location shown. Climb up an adjacent roof and carefully aim your jump to land on the column as shown. Walk to the edge of the top of the column - Ezio will look down. This ensures that Ezio is located at an edge so that the free hand button is interpreted as tackle, not grab. Start to air tackle, but then press free hand again to grasp the arch. Do not slide Ezio to the side - this may leave him stuck with his feet dangling down. Instead, jump to the side and grasp the next arch. (Sometimes, you grasp the beam instead, which is fine, too.) From here it should be straightforward to climb up to the roof.

Just for fun, I clear the Palazzo of all guards before meeting Rosa.

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Joined: 07/14/2010

Woa nice Ian cleaver finding another place for super jump.

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At Where else?
Joined: 06/13/2010

Well you found your own eagle strike for ac2, so that's another target that can be killed right where he stands. I also see that you jumped diagonally. And it's great you found another place to make the superjump useful, right before the scene where Ezio says it's impossible to get there. Cool

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Joined: 10/08/2009

Thanks. As you know, I really like the superjump, but there aren't many places in the game where it can be utilized. I was just trying to find another good example.

The diagonal jump isnt hard at all. I adjust the camera angle to fine tune the aim, and I hold the left stick directly up when I press jump.