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Early Death of the Governor (Freedom Cry)

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Memory 5 Lifting the Veil

In this memory you spy on the governor, soon to be an assassination target. Starting off disguised as a slave, you are unable to move around freely. When you can finally explore the place, I stuck close to the outer wall to avoid detection. It's tricky to approach the mansion without getting seen, so take advantage of the shrubbery to hide in. Shown in the video is an optional conversation you can overhear between two guards.

First eavesdrop between the Governor and a scientist is when they are in the upstairs part of the house. After that the game spawns them outside on the porch. It's worth mentioning there are two ways you can fail the mission. First is if either of the two alarms inside the place are rung by a guard. Other way is if either the Governor or scientist detects you.

For the alarm bells, one of them is really close to some tall grass, which makes it possible to disable the alarm in front of the guards before getting seen. You may have noticed during the fight that the guards seem to just fall over dead. This is because I counter with the blunderbuss, which has been removed for this mission, resulting in a loss of counter kill animation. The result is what appears to be a telekinetic strangle, similar to Darth Vader's force-choke.

Early Death

Alright, so here's how it happened. First time playing I waited till the eavesdrop was over to try killing the Governor before he walked back into the house. To my dismay he couldn't be attacked! It appeared he had been made invincible. So I tested some things out. The game removes all weapons for the mission, but you can loot ammo from enemies. It was because of this that I discovered smoke bombs permanently disable the detection AI of bother the Governor and scientist.

While fighting a guard I made a discovery: the Governor and scientist are not invincible to attacks; they simply cannot be targeted normally. Being in combat mode allows you to kill them.

I give two examples of an Early Death. First time I only kill the Governor, which results in a one sided conversation (only the scientist talks). Second time I kill both, killing the governor with the assistance of a rope dart. No one talks during this eavesdrop.

Rope Dart Glitch

First time using the rope dart I used it on the scientist from the front, resulting in a glitched state that looks like he's doing pushups. Even his grunts sound like he's in a military drill.

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