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The Early Death of Hope Jensen in Sequence 2 Memory 5

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In sequence 2 memory 5 Freewill memory, Shay goes against the assassins. Here is how to assassinate Hope in this mission.

Roaming outside the Mission

After the scene where a gunshot collapses the path between two hills, you can backtrack by going around. Climbing up the hill can be tricky at first because Shay can only go up short ledges. With tall ledges he'll do a wall run but can't pull himself up.

On the original run from the cutscene, some fallen burning trees block the way, but reloading the checkpoint gets rid of them.

Early Death of Hope Jensen

Now just to find the hill Hope is on. Guns have no effect, and there is no option to assassinate. I've also pushed her off the cliff, but she survived. To kill her you'll need an ax, in which there are luckily two brutes nearby.

Not shown in the video is their are other assassins farther along the cliff, which jump off. There was one who attempts to assassinate Shay on the cliff, so be prepared to counter that.

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You won't even feel the blade.