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Elite guards in Revelations?

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I think so, too. But it's still also used for trails of guards to think more about strategy. So there's that.

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I've also noticed how in the Revelations E3 trailer, the guard's tactics are no different. Just run in and swing their swords until something happens.

I mean, what goes through their heads when Ezio is sighted. "It's the Assassin that's killed thousands of us! CHARGE!"
*After Ezio starts his curbstomp*

"He's killing us all, KEEP SWINGING MY SWORD"

Honestly, if Ezio hadn't vision Altair and got distracted, the trailer would have been 10 minutes of soldier slaughter.

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JoeyFogey wrote:
JoeyFogey wrote:
...this was me ending the discussion...

5 new comments and 4 of them are from Calvar. Still talking about the same thing. O_o

Only one of them was in reply to you.


I didn't say I had more mature conversations there. I just said that no-one makes fun of the other person for defending a viewpoint. Which doesn't happen that often here, but really, that's just because there are less topics going on at once.

I'm not trying to "win".

"Flash bombs would be fun to provide challenge, but I'm not sure that concept was fully realized by Ezio's time."

Well, I think flash bombs were already confirmed:

And Arrrogance, I don't really think the guards fought too shabbily in the E3 trailer. At least they were always trying to attack him from different directions, and often. You can't really blame them, this was their first encounter with him. I doubt it Ezio could have won anyways, it looked like the pike soldiers had been steadily surrounding him the whole time he was distracted with the sword ones.

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