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enivorimental assassinations

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i did'nt know what these kinds of kills are really called but moving on.......

so what im talking about is throwing gaurds into water / scaffolding kills. i was thinking of one that uses the new weapons/ skills we get in ACR those are eagle sence and bomb crafting...

you'd use the eagle sence to see where a gaurds going to be standing gaurd once you notice that they will be standing infront of a wall so you set up a bomb that can stick on the otherside of that wall( we all know that ubi won't give us a sticky bomb shell -____-) so that when the gaurd stands infront of it the wall blows up. kinda like the explosive jel in batman arkham asylum.

what do you think ?

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I think I hope you figure out a way to do this once the game comes out, and then you can tell us (or show us Laughing out loud ) how to do it ourselves!

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That seems like an excellent idea. Plant a bomb on the side of a wall that will unleash nails or spikes when guards get at close proximity, then detonating that so the blast force, rubble, and sharp objects will kill the guard group. In order to do that, Ubisoft will have to program the physics of the wall, and plant them in strategic locations around Constantinople. They did that will the scaffold, so they should be able to render the "blastable" walls.

However, I'm not sure that technology back then is strong enough to allow a hand bomb to blow up an entire wall. Sure, they can knock out guards, but I'm not sure about a concrete wall. It might cause a dent or some attention, but the blast force might not be enough to blow it up like the Explosive Jell in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Furthermore, I'm not sure that players might be willing to do that. Batman's Detective Vision allowed him to see through walls, so that he can tactically place them without ever physically viewing them. For Ezio, he'll have to turn on Eagle Senses, look at the guards he want to blow up, memorize their location, go around the entire building, place the bomb, get from a safe distance, and then detonate the bomb. Why should the player go through all the trouble of that when he could just throw a bomb from the rooftop without ever being seen?

I do agree that it is a nice addition to have in our repertoire of impressive assassinations, but its probably more practical to just chuck a bomb from the rooftop.

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I don't think there will be wall destruction, no.

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Yeah a wall destruction system seems unlikely - not really Ubi's style in my opinion. A really cool idea though.