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Erudito Challenge Guide

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I'm no expert on Multiplayer and I won't claim to be (although I am improving over time, have to focus on Defense - that's where I suffer.)The multiplayer story of Assassin's Creed III does not simply unlock as you level up. The Abstergo half does, for sure. However, the important part is Erudito's presence, and his story bits can only be uncovered by performing specific challenges. Some people may have trouble doing some of these, so I'm thinking me, Reacher and anyone else who wants to contribute can write up a little guide as we go along.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 1

Spoiler: Highlight to view
The Enduring (Earn a MULTI-KILL BONUS in any TEAM MODE or WOLFPACK.)
Wolfpack is the easiest to do this in, just kill targets in the same time frame as your allies do (when it says Multi Kill in the top right of your screen.)

The Bird of Prey (Earn an AERIAL KILL BONUS)
Take your pick as to which is easier but I did my grinding on this challenge half playing Wanted/Deathmatch and half playing Wolfpack. Although Wolfpack targets are dumb AI and easier to kill, there's no guarantee a Reckless or Exposed teammate isn't just going to snap your kill away and get a terrible score. In Free For All, at least you can trust yourself.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 2

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Inventive (STUN a TARGET using the environment.)
Usually walls and other environmental objects are found in Blend Groups that are static. If you know who your target is and they're blended by drinking or chilling against a wall, tapping the Kill button will smash their face into the wall.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 5

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Good Samaritan (REVIVE a TEAMMATE)
Play either Manhunt or Wolfpack and tap O/B near teammates that have been Stunned. You'll get them on their feet and it'll count towards your revives.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 8

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Deceiver (STUN a PURSUER while using a DISGUISE)
Disguise removes Locks that are on you. If you see a Pursuer sprinting for you, turn a corner to break line of sight, pop Disguise and wait for him around the corner. Stun as soon as you're able to (lock onto him so you don't accidentally kill a Civilian.) If your pursuer is too smart to fall for it but you know where he is (such as a Blend Group etc.) throw a Smoke Bomb at his position, use Disguise and Stun him.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 10

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Conquistador (Capture a zone occupied with at least 2 OPPONENTS in DOMINATION)
Reacher's basic strategy that he told me about is Disguise, Smoke Bomb, Knives. Fast Walk or Slow Walk when you get in the enemy's territory, then when you're out of sight and about to enter their Capture Point, pop Disguise and walk in. Wait for people to start killing NPCs and Stun them/everyone else. Smoke Bomb is good because it allows you stay alive longer and stun more enemies, Knives are good for when a Stunned enemy 'wakes up' and comes after you. It's all about staying alive until the zone is captured.

The Silent Master (Earn a FOCUS BONUS)
This is easy to get with Smoke Bomb or if you Stun a Pursuer in Assassinate. Before they 'wake up', your Focus meter can fill up. When it pulses, tap the Kill button.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 12

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Show-Off (Taunt an OPPONENT from across the frontier.)
I did this one by accident. When I was playing a match of Artifact Assault, I was in the white side of the field and an enemy Carpenter was in the red side of the field. We were standing across from each other, Taunting each other repeatedly. With each Taunt that I performed, my Show Off Challenge meter filled up. I suppose then, that the 'frontier' means when you're on opposite sides of a Team Field (Artifact Assault, Domination etc.) Just find an enemy player and taunt him repeatedly.

The Sly (Use a TRIPWIRE BOMB to stop a PURSUER)
As soon as you get Tripwire Bombs (which are the first Default Ability set) you can do this Challenge. Throw down a Tripwire Bomb in the path of where you anticipate a pursuer to come chasing you and lead them through it. This is one of the more simple ones.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 15

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Knife Thrower (Use KNIVES to slow down and KILL a TARGET)
Any time a target is sprinting away from you, throw a knife at him and stab him. Quality of the kill doesn't really matter so feel free to be Reckless or whatever you need. However, this is best combined with Aerial kills. Knife someone, Focus them and Air Assassinate them. It counts toward your challenge and gives you some good score.

The Usurper (Take the lead in the last 20 seconds and keep it until the SESSION ends.)

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 18

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Wrestler (STUN a PURSUER)
Self-explanatory. Overlaps with The Deceiver and some other Stun challenges.

The Runaway (Earn the MULTIPLE ESCAPE BONUS)
Get two or more players to chase you in Wanted. Either escape by hiding or Smoke them both and Stun them. You need to be chased by two or more people for this to be considered a multiple escape.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 20

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Sagacious (STUN a PURSUER and KILL a TARGET within 7 seconds.)
Kiwi_Shane: "For "The Sagacious (STUN a PURSUER and KILL a TARGET within 7 seconds.)", Assassinate is not a good choice. Upon doing the challenge multiple times I discovered that the challenge does not work in Assassinate, much like how the streak challenges do not work in Wolfpack, because that would make it too easy. Your best bet for Sagacious is to play Wanted, stay near your target but don't kill them until you stun your pursuer; then kill your target with pistol or stab them."
You could just Stun someone regularly without taking the risk/use a Decoy and make them kill it. It worked for me in Assassinate and that's where I farmed mine, but maybe they patched it. Thank you Kiwi_Shane!

The Cleaner (Use WIPE and KILL a TARGET or STUN a PURSUER)
Wipe reveals other players in an area, it also knocks Abilities offline. Very good for killing a player in a Blend Group that you think is going to Smoke you. You can also throw off a Pursuer's game by popping Wipe and Stunning him before he has any idea what's going on.

The Unseen (Earn a HIDDEN KILL BONUS)
Hidden Kills are earned when you kill someone from a Haystack, Blend Group or other things that are considered hiding places.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 22

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Puppet Master (Make another PLAYER KILL your DECOY or BODYGUARD)
This is easiest to do with Decoy because although it requires you to have a pursuer, it doesn't need you to lock on to your pursuer specifically. Decoy will morph someone into you (looks like they just took off a Disguise) and make him sprint like a maniac. You'd be surprised how many players fall for this. I've fallen for it sometimes.

The Trapper (Use CLOSURE to block and KILL a TARGET)
Closure closes chase breakers. I suppose the dream Ability Set to do this with would involve Closure and Knives or Closure and Pistol. Get into a chase with a target, and as he's running away, hit Closure before he goes through a Chase Breaker. It'll close up, after which you can shoot him/throw at him your ranged weapon of choice. Usually chase breakers are vertical surfaces when they're closed. You can knock him down or kill him outright with Pistol.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 25

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Pyrotechnician (Use FIRECRACKERS and KILL a blinded TARGET)
If you believe that a Target is going to Stun you, throw down your Firecrackers and kill them while they're blind. For extra insurance, have Smoke Bomb on the other Ability Slot, just in case.

The Versatile (Earn a VARIETY BONUS)
Variety Bonuses are earned by getting many different bonuses in a Session. The easiest ones to get are; Basic Kill, Focus, Aerial Kill, Acrobatic Kill, Ground Finish, Grab Kill, Stun, Incognito, Discreet, Reckless, Poison, Pistol Kill etc. The more different bonuses you get, the closer you'll be to earning the Variety Bonus.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 28

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Defensive (Use ANIMUS SHIELD to block another PLAYER'S RANGED WEAPON)
If you feel like someone is about to shoot you with something, pop Animus Shield and block the hit. An easy way to bait out Pistol shots is to run around on rooftops. If someone can't be bothered to get up to you, they'll try to shoot you instead. Also, if you see someone who you think is your Pursuer just standing there staring at you, he's probably going to Poison Dart you. You can block that as well.

The Evader (Use the TELEPORT ABILITY while less than 10m away from a PURSUER)
Smoke Bomb for insurance. Smoke your Pursuer, use Teleport while they're coughing.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 30

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Provoker (TAUNT a TARGET you have just STUNNED or KILLED)
Tap the Right or Left DPad direction right after you get a Kill or Stun, even before the animation finishes.

The Ghost (Use GLIMMER to KILL a TARGET)
Glimmer turns you almost invisible. The slower you move, the more invisible you are. You can use it to ambush a target or slowly creep up to one and Kill them that way. Act fast though, some players will wise up to the blurry cloak animation around your character.

The Clear Sighted (Use DISRUPTION to confuse and KILL a TARGET)
Disruption scrambles someone's camera, removes locks, removes HUD. It's not my favorite ranged ability, but use it on a Target and kill them while they're confused. Easier to do with Aerial Kills but you could just sprint up to him and stab him.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 32
[spoiler]SECRET LAB_Hack
Unlock Conditions:
The Apothecary (Use POISON after FOCUSING on a TARGET)
This is easy to do whenever Smoke Bomb/Poison is off cooldown. Get close, be inconspicuous and smoke up a target that has no idea you're coming. During the Smoke animation, focus on his dead face (Square/X button above head fills up and pulses) then tap your Poison ability. Not only is this good for getting this challenge, Focus Poison kills are great for your score and getting Variety Bonuses.

The Shaman (Use the TELEPORT ABILITY to cross the frontier)
Crossing the frontier seems to be moving from one Team Field to another. When you're in an enemy's team field, use Teleport and pray that you land in your own. Otherwise, keep doing it until you get it. Stackable with The Evader.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 35

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Spiritualist (Use GLIMMER to STUN a PURSUER.)
The same thing as using Glimmer to Kill a Target, but now flipped the other way around.

The Clever (Use CLOSURE to block a PURSUER.)
If you see your Pursuer walking through a chase breaker (civilians usually don't), Close it and run away.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 28

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Magician (Use a SMOKE BOMB to stop and STUN a PURSUER)
The best way to stop and Stun pursuers is with Smoke Bomb. When one gets close, pop Smoke and Stun him.

The Marauder (Use a SMOKE BOMB to stop 2 or more PLAYERS)
If two players are chasing you, or there are two or more players clustered in an area, throw Smoke at your feet (if running away) or throw Smoke in their Group (if attacking/being aggressive).

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 40

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Medium (Kill a TARGET who is close to least 2 lookalikes.)
You can use Mute to do this, as well as Money Bomb and Morph. Reveal the one who's the real target and stab him.

The Collaborator (Complete 10 SEQUENCS in a row in a WOLFPACK GAME SESSION.)
Unless your team is absolutely horrible, there is no excuse for not getting this challenge if you ever play Wolfpack.

The Distractor (Use DISRUPTION to confuse and STUN a PURSUER)
Same thing as The Clearsighted except used on a Pursuer.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 42

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Impassive (Use ANIMUS SHIELD to block a BOMB then KILL a TARGET or STUN a PURSUER.)
Smoke Bomb, Tripwire Bomb, both of these can be blocked by Animus Shield. Akin to using Wipe, walk up to a target you think will Smoke you and just pop Shield before you get too close.

The Gatekeeper (Use a CHASE BREAKER to ESCAPE.)
Self-explanatory. Get in a chase and escape using a Breaker.

Unlock Conditions: REach Level 45

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Pistolier (Use PISTOL to KILL a jumping or running TARGET.)
Either a running or jumping Target are fine for this. A jumping Target is better because of the point boost from a Mid-Air kill.

The Psychic (Trigger an ANIMUS HACK or a SILENT ANIMUS HACK.)
Animus Hack is a Killstreak that allows you to instantly kill any player. Use Kill Buffer and Animus Hack or Silent Animus hack to trigger the Killstreak.

The Artist (Perform a KILL worth at least 700 points.)
This isn't very hard. Most Discreet Focus Poison kills will do this for you. In addition, if you're about to get Variety with your next kill, try to make it worth at least 300 points.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 48

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Serial Killer (Play a GAME SESSION with every CHARACTER.)
Self-explanatory. Keep track of which characters you've played and pick new ones every time until you get this.

The Changeling (Trigger a MASS MORPH or a SILENT MASS MORPH.)
Mass Morph is a Kill Streak. Kill Buffer helps with Kill Streaks, although this is easiest to do in Assassinate with Tripwire Bomb and Decoy.

Unlock Conditions: Reach Level 50

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unlock Conditions:
The Resourceful (Earn an EXTREME VARIETY BONUS.)
Extreme Variety is just like regular variety, but with many more different actions. If you play the game in a varied way and always do different things/switch Ability Sets to get Poison, Pistol etc, this should be fine.

The Conqueror (Hold the DOMINATION for at least 10 seconds.)
Domination occurs when your team holds all three territories in a match of Domination. Hold it for 10 seconds without losing any territory and it'll go towards the challenge.

The Fierce (Perform a KILL or a STUN while being POISONED.)
Many people really like Smoke/Poison so wait until you're Poisoned and as soon as you can move, immediately sprint for your killer and stun them. You can do the same with your target too, but it's trickier. With your Pursuer, you more or less know who it was, and they're still in the area.

Character Hacks
Unlock Conditions:
The Vulture (KILL a TARGET who has just performed a KILL in an ASSASSINATE)
This is simple. Walk around until you see someone kill someone else. Lock on to the killer and stab them during or after their animation.

The Vengeful (Earn a GROUND FINISH BONUS.)
When anyone other than you kills your target, run up to their body before it flickers out of existence and kick them when they're down. You just have to take advantage of every opportunity to do so.

Unlock Conditions:
The Competitor (Activate 2 KILL STREAKS in a single GAME SESSION.)
Kill Buffer helps for this. Silent Kill streaks take less kills than regular ones, although you do have have at least a Silent Approach bonus.

The Deathless (Stay alive for 60 seconds in DEATHMATCH)
Self-explanatory. Hide, walk around, Smoke Bomb, Knives, do whatever is necessary to stay alive for a minute.

Unlock Conditions:
The Killing Machine (Perform two KILLS in less than 7 seconds.)
Most easily done in Assassinate and Manhunt, especially if you've Smoked two players at the same time.

The Fighter (Perform 4 STUNS without dying.)
This is a little tricky. Manhunt would be a good mode for doing this in, if you're good enough at Stunning and staying alive because there are four players on the opposing team.

Unlock Conditions:
The Master Hunter (Use a TRIPWIRE BOMB to stop and KILL a TARGET.)
Plant a Tripwire Bomb in front of a place you believe your target might walk. When it trips, walk up and kill them.

The Ambitious (Earn the FIRST BLOOD BONUS.)
Get the first kill in any game mode to earn this Bonus.

Unlock Conditions:
The Stealth Master (Earn 3 INCOGNITO BONUSES in a single GAME SESSION.)
Incognito is an Approach Bonus. It's when your Approach Meter fills up completely. Approach Meter fills up by staying within the line of sight of your target, and doing stealthy actions like walking, fast walking, etc.

The Audacious (Survive at least 15 seconds while haring WHISPERS.)
This one's kind of scary. Whispers mean you're probably going to die soon. Survive for 15 seconds while a pursuer is in your line of sight.

Unlock Conditions:
The Liar (KILL a TARGET while using a DISGUISE)
Just like The Deceiver but with Kills instead of Stuns. Good in Manhunt or any mode in which people know what their pursuers look like. Change your appearance and take advantage of the confusion.

The Infiltrator (Earn 200 points of HIDDEN BONUSES on MANHUNT.)
When Hiding with one or more Teammates, your Hidden points will slowly go up. Just blend in any group with several players until you earn 200 total Hide points in Manhunt.

Unlock Conditions:
The Inquisitor (TAUNT then KILL or STUN another PLAYER)
Most easily done if you've Smoked someone. Taunt them with DPad Left/Right and kill/Stun them after.

The Generous (Use a MONEY BOMB to reveal and KILL a blended TARGET.)
Best used from a vantage point like a rooftop; If you know there's a target in a group but you don't know who it is, throw a money bomb at them, lock on to the one that doesn't reach for it and Aerial Kill him.

Unlock Conditions:
The Crafty (Perform two STUNS in less than 7 seconds.)
Easy in Manhunt. Smoke Bomb helps greatly, as well as getting into skirmishes with your team when you're Targets.

The Trouble Maker (Use a MONEY BOMB to form a CROWD and slow down your PURSUER.)
If you're in a Chase and running away from a Pursuer, throw down the Money Bomb and keep running.

Unlock Conditions:
The Eradicator (KILL a TARGET that is holding the ARTIFACT.)
I'm not sure if this works both in Artifact Assault and Steal the Artifact, but just do what it says.

The Noble (Use BODYGUARD to STUN a locked PURSUER.)
Bodyguard is like Decoy but Stuns people instead of running away. Lock on to a Pursuer and use Bodyguard. If all goes well, it'll stun him.

Unlock Conditions:
The Perfectionist (Earn a GREATER VARIETY BONUS.)
Greater Variety is just like regular Variety, just with more different bonuses. Continue getting varied bonuses.

The Observant (Use MORPH or MASS MORPH to reveal and KILL a TARGET.)
This has been a trick since Brotherhood. Either trigger your Mass Morph killstreak, or pop Smoke and Morph a Smoked Group to see who's real. Stab the one person that doesn't change into you.

Unlock Conditions:
The Artful (Use KNIVES to knock down a climbing PLAYER.)
If you see someone on the side of a building, immediately throw a knife at them. I don't think it matters if they're your Pursuer, Target or other player that's currently neutral to you. Because now you can throw knives at any player, this is convenient.

The Punisher (STUN, ACQUIRE and KILL a PURSUER within 10 seconds in ASSASSINATE.)
Reveal yourself in Assassinate, Smoke and Stun the person who tries to kill you, then Lock On to them and Kill them while they're not up yet.

Unlock Conditions:
Grab an enemy's artifact and run it back to your base. Use Smoke Bombs or Teleport to try and escape, or get your team to try and escort you. When you reach your base, you'll have scored.

The Chameleon (Perform a STUN while in a MORPHED CROWD)
If your Pursuer is coming close to a crowd that you've Morphed, Stun him as he gets close.

Unlock Conditions:
The Vanquisher (Use FIRECRACKERS and STUN a blinded PURSUER.)
Similar to The Pyrotechnician, but with Stunning instead of Killing.

The Mass Murderer (KILL 10 TARGETS in a single GAME SESSION.)
Simple Deathmatch is the easiest mode to get this in. Before the match starts, memorize which personas are players, because there are no lookalikes in this mode. As soon as you see a player, Lock On and follow them around, tapping Kill repeatedly. Eventually, they will either get you as a contract, or you'll get them as a contract. Because you're tapping Kill faster than they can react, you'll instantly Stun or Kill them as a contract goes online for either of you. Other than that, be observant and get 10 Kills.

Unlock Conditions:
The Quick Thinker (Use WIPE to counter a RANGED WEAPON, a BOMB or TELEPORT.)
When a Target is about Smoke Bomb and Stun you, Wipe him and kill him.

The Vigilant (STUN a PURSUER who is near one TEAMMATE)
Most easily done in Manhunt. Do exactly what it says.

Unlock Conditions:
The Patriot (Score at least 6000 points in a single GAME SESSION.)
Kill Quality is important here. You need to play in a very safe, very vigilant way. Always try to get high-quality kills, always go for a Stun or Honorable Death when you can, essentially it just comes down to being good at the game. Most easily done in modes like Simple Deathmatch or anything that you're good at in terms of scoring. Assassinate is pretty good for it too.

The Precise (Use PISTOL to KILL a TARGET from afar.)
Shoot someone with a gun.

Unlock Conditions:
The Cool-Headed (Successfully complete a SYNC-KILL in a WOLFPACK GAME SESSION)
The game will tell you how to perform a Sync Kill when you play Wolfpack. It'll say "Sync Kill Sequence Reached." Get next to the four targets and make sure all of your team-mates are locked onto a different one. When the game tells you to, press the Kill button and if all of your team-mates press their Kill buttons before the timer drains, you'll perform a (really cool-looking) Sync Kill.

The Herbalist (POISON one TARGET and KILL another before the POISON takes effect.)
This one's tricky but not the hardest thing to do in Assassinate or Manhunt. Smoke Bomb to stun people, Poison one and stab the other before the Poisoned target dies.

Do comment on whether or not I should keep the (bad) attempts at humor or provide purely formal explanations.
(Will work on collecting more Guide Data soon, I'm sick and want to sleep a little.)

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How exactly do you do The Quick Thinker challenge for the Strong Man? I tried the method you said quite a few times and still doesn't work. Is there any easier ways to do this?

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Leo K
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Because ranged weapons are usually fired at a range that your Wipe won't reach, they'll still go through it because it's not a shield, it's a silence. So because of that, I don't think using it right before stepping on a Mine or Tripwire Bomb will work either. I haven't actually finished this challenge myself, so I'm not 100% certain yet, but I'm pretty sure you would have to use it in close range.

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For the Quick Thinker challenge I merely used wipe when I heard that clicky noise that is made when someone aims at you with a gun, luckily that person was in range of wipe so I got the challenge. The best way to do this is use a smoke bomb near a pursuer but not close enough so that they are effected, then they will try to shoot at you with a gun so they don't get smoked, use wipe when they are aiming and you should get it, although timing is key

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Also, for "The Sagacious (STUN a PURSUER and KILL a TARGET within 7 seconds.)", assassinate is not a good choice for this. I thought assassinate would be a good choice too but upon doing the challenge multiple times I discovered that the challenge does not work in assassinate, much like how the streak challenges do not work in wolfpack, because that would make it too easy. Your best bet for Sagacious is to play wanted, stay near your target but don't kill them until you stun your pursuer then kill your target with pistol or stabbing them

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great guide!
just wanna know: can any or all of these challenges be unlocked through private matches or only through public matches?

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Leo K
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I haven't tested if Private matches will get you Challenges, and my PS3 is currently unplugged from the Internet. Your best bet is probably to organize a Private match with a friend and purposefully help each other get a Challenge, then see if it counted towards the total. I don't see why it shouldn't, but there might always be restrictions.

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DarkAlphabetZoup wrote:
I haven't tested if Private matches will get you Challenges, and my PS3 is currently unplugged from the Internet. Your best bet is probably to organize a Private match with a friend and purposefully help each other get a Challenge, then see if it counted towards the total. I don't see why it shouldn't, but there might always be restrictions.

It might not. I know a lot of the games with a multiplayer option have moved away from counting your Private Match accomplishments towards any achievement goals they may have set up. Call of Duty is a big one, as players used to simply join private matches with their friends to complete all sorts of gun challenges (head shots, total kills, etc.) without actually playing against someone that was trying. The end result? Cool looking and powerful guns with guys that were terrible at the game, essentially meaning it didn't matter.

I love the concept of having to work, in game, for whatever challenge you're going for. There will be times when you're in a lobby of terrible players and you can take big strides, and there will also be times when you're playing against a bunch of guys that are quite good at the game (I had the misfortune of stumbling into a CoD lobby with three of the top five ranked players in the world once and it didn't end so well when I was on the other team), but it'll all balance itself out. Figure out what you're good at and work from there.

Slowly, but surely, the job gets done.

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TheMethodicalAssassin wrote:
... there will also be times when you're playing against a bunch of guys that are quite good at the game (I had the misfortune of stumbling into a CoD lobby with three of the top five ranked players in the world once and it didn't end so well when I was on the other team) ...

I think I have that screenshot saved... it was sent to me on 12/23/11... haha

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Private matches don't get you Abstergo Credits, Abstergo Rank points, or challenges.

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