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The Executioner (Manhunt)

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Im going to finish all the characters eventually for brotherhood, and thought I might add to the category for online modes here.

Manhunt is now my favorite mode online for ACB, you can get a lot of points and I find there are more strategies in the abilities you choose.

For those of you that dont know one team of 4 is the offensive team, and another team is the defensive team. The attackers can choose to kill any of the 4 defenders, and the defenders must hide from the attackers, bu have the ability to stun them. If the defenders hide in a blend spot they get 15 points every few seconds. However if a team mate is nearby they get 25 points, for 2 other team mates its 40 points, and for the whole team to be blended close by is 60 points

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I Love Manhunt at first playing this Mode I was like "what the hell is this." Now it's like the only mode I ever play on. Literally reach Level 20 to all the to Level 47. I had hard time joining friends though keeps on booting me into another match Sad

Did you hear about the new DLC coming out in December 14 for Multiplayer

Edit: Just wait and see when you use 'Poison' 2250 points by poisioning one person then right after stab the next while incognito...

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Manhunt is my favorite game mode, if only it's the closest thing to full-blown Team Deathmatch (which has always been my favorite game type in most games.

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Morph is a real double-edged sword in Manhunt, you can use it to evade your pursuers but they can also use it to flush you out if your blended in a group.