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[Far Cry 5] The Confession - Untouchable Wrath

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Far Cry 5
The Confession
Creative Stealth Kills + Evasive Reaper
No Damage / Stylish

The Deputy exfiltrates John Seed's indoctrination compound, taking many lives along the way with cruel efficiency and cold resourcefulness. The law has long proven ineffective against the Project at Eden's Gate... But blades and gunfire remain ever-useful.

I figure, it's still a Ubisoft game.

When you start this story mission you have no items, no weapons and no gear. Exiting the little tunnel that leads to the first two guards gives you some Throwing Knives that were on the ground, and you can steal enemy weapons (like the pistol I take from the third guard) by looting them after a kill. Throwing Knives can be re-looted off of corpses by just moving through them. Throwing Knives are strong because they're extremely silent, so if an enemy isn't looking at the guard that's just been killed by one, you can sneak in kills practically for free. I jump over the couch to retrieve the knife I used on the sitting guard.

The escape is a lot more chaotic and taking no damage here basically involves suppressing the first group with a throwable explosive before they can land a shot on you. I finish them with single bullet-taps when they're weak on the ground from the blast, and the rest is pretty easy, as the remaining enemies are all Melee.

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Leo K
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Enough Throwing Knives in here to basically be first-person Present Day.

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I felt this needed a front page regardless of it being a non-AC game. DAZ shows amazing precision throughout the video (that THB obviously groomed him for). But largely I did it 'cus it's totes sick!!!

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