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A few interesting observations

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So basically, if you get the Ring of Eden from the sidequest as soon as possible and do the third modern day mission, Desmond will still occasionally reflect bullets like he had the ring despite this making no sense because he doesn't actually have it. I'm guessing this is because the modern day animations, flags, and code all share the same qualities as what you do gain in the animus missions and Ubisoft never bothered to check for such a small thing, and it's probably still in the remaster. If I recall in ACII if you got the sand attack you could use it as Desmond as well (though this makes more in-universe sense at least) so it validates the theory. Also if you buy the knife and have it on you, and then go back to play a block as Haytham, Haytham will have the knife and be able to use it with some slightly odd animations (I don't think he can normally use the hatchet this way though, I think I got him to do it once and it was extremely glitchy) which is notable because this is the only weapon type that Haytham can't aquire during his mission blocks that carries over. Probably a glitch.

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According to StarkRavenous, if you procrastinate on the Homestead Missions then Connor can interact with a certain character after his death in the main story line.

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I believe it's Achilles.

You won't even feel the blade.