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Finally starting to have some real fun with this game.

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I have been derpn around for far too long, playing a little bit on and off, mostly mp, and im finally at the end of sequence 6. I have decided to create my own fun and I highly recomend doing this for those who have yet to beat the game. Basically turn your HUD off completely (maybe leave some stuff on if you arent sure about the controls) most importantly turn your minimap off and never look at the map.

Go to the frontier and just get lost in it. Its a huge area worth exploring to the fullest, simply climbing around and having your own fun is worth it in every way, I pretty much spent the whole days session of playing just in the frontier and im considering doing it again. So far imo the story really hasnt captured me just yet but before it does im going to try and learn the entire frontier. There are plenty of stuff to do that im still stumbling on, I didnt know there were forts you could stumble on, many side missions and its also much more fun going for collectables this way rather than just using a map and missing out on the scenery, its like going back to AC1 gameplay where we didnt use the map.

Anyone else try this out?

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I'm going to try this with the Altair challenge;
Stepping in water is considered a desynch.
You can only use Hidden Blades, a Sword and a Knife/Dagger. If you want range, you have to use arrows because they're the closest thing to knives.
Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent; including guards that are not a mandatory Assassination target.
Hide in plain sight; You're allowed to get detected twice per Sequence
Never compromise the Brotherhood; Don't call Recruits in with the exception of Covert Escort (Scholars)

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Yeah, I rarely look at the map, so it doesn't matter much to me (unless I'm scanning for chests or pivots). The Frontier is one of the best parts of the game, imo. I wish there were more forts to get.

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The story is just about to pick up. Keep on it.

The frontier is fabulous for getting lost in for hours.

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