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Francesco da Valletri (Difficulty 3)

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This Captain is really buggy. If he sees a dead body he will simply walk out of the town and wander away. Give him enough time and a new one spawns. Also if you simply leave him he stops his patrol in front of the church, I dont knwo if this is intentional or not.

The first clip shows a normal haystack assassination from the church. I wanted to show a cool escape route I found but none of the guards chased me. The second clip shows me using the haystack again, this time I have a chase on my hands. I go to along my route and I see this... well il let you see it for yourself! Anyway if you stand on top of the lift you can do a leap of faith to escape, a nice touch to finish the assassination imo.

The last clip shows that if you aren't notorious and you lure him out of the restricted zone, he wont bother you at all.

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Wow! That "surprise thing" was awesome! The rest was fun too - done with your usual style. Thanks!

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It's really sad that these are the most interesting assassinations in the game...
Nice video though.

Inconspicous: because nobody suspects the guy with all the weapons