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Hiding in Plain Sight - Altair's Job Hunt

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Here are some extremes of hiding in plain sight.

William: After William is done lecturing his men, he goes to his desk to study a map. You can climb down behind William and blend right next to him. If you bump into the table, William will notice you, so you need to be careful as you approach the table. In this video, I line up Altair's shoes with William's shoes to ensure that Altair doesn't bump the table.

Tamir: The merchants that Tamir insults can be moved out of the way using gentle push (or other means). They won't try to return to their original locations, so you can just stand in their places. Tamir rants regardless of who is standing there, even if it's nobody.

Garnier de Naplouse: Balancing on beams, ledges, or other structures is a high profile activity that will Expose you to Garnier if he sees you. Standing, however, is not a high profile activity, regardless of where you are, even if it's near the head of a patient's table.

Abu'l Nuqoud: After Abu'l Nuqoud's bodyguards have been eliminated, Abu'l still goes through the motion of gently touching one on the arm, even though that guard isn't there any more. It turns out Abu'l doesn't look carefully when he does this either. Altair can stand in the guard's place.

Sibrand: When Sibrand is done shooting arrows, he turns around and leaves the quarterdeck using either the starboard (right) or portside (left) ramp. If he turns toward the starboard ramp, he develops a small blindspot that happens to coincide with the portside half of the helm. Altair can stand here without being noticed.

Jubair Al Hakim: Hiding in the room with Jubair is ridiculously easy. Jubair is the most "blind" of all the main targets. If you sneak into his room and stand in his way, he'll walk around you - That's how oblivious he is. Due to the inherent simplicity of hiding near Jubair, I took a more challenging approach for this video. I led Jubair's 2 bodyguards away from the room with a dead body, and then I Anonymously killed the bodyguard that stands on the eastern half of the threshold. After the other bodyguard finally returns to his station, I position Altair to stand in place of the missing bodyguard. I don't blend at all for this scene.