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Interesting Assassination Contracts

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ive only just recently completed all the of the assassination contracts. the contract that is best known is probably the peacekeeper mission (10 brutes in 1 min), so i have a short video for that one coming soon. are there any other contracts that you consider particularly interesting or challenging? im basically asking for advice on what to film next/accepting challenge requests.

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There's apparently a contract mission in Florï where it's almost impossible to stealth assassinate one of the targets (he runs immediately and he's on a rooftop). I managed to, barely, but I'm sure you could fare a lot better than I could, you think there's a way to hyperblend-assassinate him even though he's in an open space? I'd give you the name of the contract, but I don't recall currently, but I'm sure you remember which one I'm talking about, right?

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I did it, il post a video soon. You can kill him with throwing knives, however the mission will not end
I simply climbed up very fast and double assassinated him in high profile as fast as i could. As soon as I killed him, all his surrounding guards vanish before they can spot you

Seeing as i filmed heaps il give you some of my favorites

Showtime, Wetwork, Crash the party, No laughing matter

as for challenges, try and do the mysterious death kills ( poisen only)

Also try and do the mission Meeting Adjourned without being seen at all, only without throwing knives, i used throwing knives i just cbf re recording it