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Inventions of Da Vinci on AC Brotherhood.

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What Da Vinci inventios, will be on this game?

And i want to discuss about the Da Vinci's Parachute, it will be on this game? and if you have some information about how it is going to work, please share. Cool

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The parachute is supposed to help you land carefully from crazy heights. Other than that, they haven't said any more.

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They have, actually!

Historically, the first parachute design appeared during Italy’s Renaissance and is, in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, provided to Ezio by Leonardo da Vinci. It is an historical fact that Leonardo designed a parachute and his sketches were published in his Codex Atlanticus, dated 1485. Ezio, once again the test subject of Leonardo’s inventions, will be able to use the parachute to glide in the air and recover from potentially deadly falls. However, due to technical issues with Leo’s design, the parachute can’t be stored and re-used. Thus, players must use it carefully for situationsrequiring a quick escape. Once used, players will have the opportunity to purchase the parachute’s materials at shops around Rome – enabling Ezio to use the parachute once more.


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