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Jacobo's Early Death

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At Where else?
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Ok, so this is what happened when I tried something prior to the Jacobo assassination. A certain guard is prestaged to follow Jacobo when he reaches the place where he's at. However before he can follow him I grab Jacobo (with the help of a smoke bomb to remain undetected) and use Jacobo to move the guard on some nearby stairs. Then I get over two hundred meters away (marked the place on the map) and come back. The stairs were no longer modeled in the game so that the guard falls through. However he teleports back to where he was. Now things get strange. The guard walks back to where he first appeared then back to where Jacobo is. They both stand there with nothing happening, preventing you from getting farther in the game. The game doesn't recognize Jacobo as a target which allows you to get away with killing him without desynching.

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Really nice, Aurel!

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