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Jubair al Hakim Superfast Blitz

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[Promoted to front page - stabguy]

Jubair will not leave the building after the cutscene! Thanks to a few exploits you can get in the scene prior to the assassination and kill Jubair right before he teleports.

First of all, normally the ancestor's memory will start recording when you reach the roof of the building for the scene, but if you are detected that doesn't happen, with memory walls preventing you from going any further. There is a certain place on the west side of the building with a ledge that will lead you to a higher place on the roof, but getting to it is a little tricky. Get a guard to come after you to reach that place, then kill him to get rid of the memory walls. You want to hang on that ledge before he dies, so to delay his death I grab and throw him (I made the mistake of throwing him at a wall, which killed him faster). You need to be in the right spot to grab on that ledge when running up the wall.

Now that the memory is recording I climb to a place on the roof to where I can fall into the scene. You are unable to drop down, so to fall into the scene I get to a corner and move at a certain place.

Jubair teleports a split second after you regain control of Altair, which allows me to get him. Near the end of the scene the door opens (you are unable to move through it, though). Jubair is the last to go through the door, standing just outside of it (how convenient). Laughing out loud I show two examples of killing him. One is killing him before he can teleport so that he never leaves the building. The other is killing him as he teleports, which has some interesting results. The camera view changes dramatically, blocking view of Altair. Then after the memory corridor Altair appears where Jubair would have teleported, anonymous and with no sign of Jubair. In slow motion it shows Jubair disappearing right before the kill animation which results in Altair assassinating midair, then Altair also disappearing. Jubair must have gotten lost in the teleportation process which asks the question: If you assassinate a target and no one seems to notice and the body is no where to be found did it really happen? Wink

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Good one!


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omg wow that's really extraordinary!

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Yay! Another one! Party

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The evil science fiction death of Jubair Evil !! Totally epic, I love how good you are at finding these superfast blitzes!

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