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Palazzo Laterno Romulus Lair: Flags 93-95

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This video is rather short because all three flags come early in the Lair - before entering the basilica. You get 100% Sync for not losing more than one health square. There's nobody to fight, so as long as you don't suffer a fall of more than 8 meters (or 12 meters with the Break-Fall move) you're golden.

The sequence I want to talk about begins at 2:38. There are two uneven bars to your left from which Ezio can swing. Players who are worried about losing health may use them to gently reach the ballroom floor. I bypassed them and jumped down from the balcony rail. As long as you use Break-Fall (hold Up while landing) you won't sustain any damage.

From here there are several ways to reach flag #94. The path I chose was direct but has this spot where Ezio gets stuck at 2:51. You can either wiggle out of it (run upstairs then across the top stair) or jump forward as shown in the video.

There are three Borgia Flags inside each Lair. If you are looking for a specific Flag refer to this index:
Flag 93 - 1:48
Flag 94 - 2:51
Flag 95 - 3:48

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Shame you didn't finish the whole lair, I always enjoy your inventive style of playing. Smile


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It's a trade off. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how to finish the lairs (most with 100% sync). I decided to position these videos as "collect flags quickly" rather than "lair walkthroughs, plus flags".

My playing style is geared for speed. Dougie's lightning That means finding shortcuts and doing little optimizations to the parkour, often to avoid standing still and rotating the camera. Some examples in this video:
1:25 - Two diagonal jumps across the broken beams.
1:52 - Sprint toward the camera.
1:56 - It's faster to free-step across the lateral beams than to "walk the plank".
2:15 - High risk jump to the right. Use Catch-Ledge in case of error.
2:54 - Back kick off the wall to make a quick 180 degree turn.
3:06 - Early jump to the left. First make sure camera angle is squared up and then Catch-Ledge straight ahead onto the bar.

The next lair video (Colosseo) won't be much longer than this one. It has lots of action and goes nearly all the way to the shrine. I really enjoyed shooting that video.

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