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Questions about if something is still possible in the remaster

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In the original versions of Assassin's Creed III, you could go down into the Boston Underground as Haytham through the cellar tunnels, and unlock the Boston fast travel points despite the game never indicating that you could. Being a rather annoying side quest that saves time later in the game when done early on, this is something that I would do in every play through. However, I have been told that the ability to do this has been removed in the remaster. Could anyone confirm or deny this?

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To clarify, you can still access the Underground as Connor an AC3 Remastered. I've read that you can no longer access the Boston Underground as Haytham. However, I cannot confirm this. AC3 wasn't my favorite title and I don't plan to purchase the remaster.

The fact that you could go to the Boston Underground as Haytham was considered a feature, not a bug/exploit. In the release notes for version 1.02 Ubisoft wrote:

Boston Underground: fixed a bug where Haytham could never use the North Port entrance

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