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Remove Greaves in AC2 (Xbox 360)

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Until recently it was thought greaves were the one piece of armor that had to be carried around. Here is how to remove them.

This was inspired by the same concept of removing armor by MAGLX n ACB.


The trick is Skipping, discovered by Hit468 which as far as we know only works on Xbox 360.
How Skipping works is you replay a memory on a save file, then sign out of your Xbox account and back in. This gets you out of the game. If you go on to a different save, when you start the game up you are in the replay of the same memory. What's more is when you are in that replay the game thinks you are as far in the game as the other save file. Replaying a memory from a save early in the game removes armor because the game knows you shouldn't have any armor at that time. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make it work right.

1. Equip a different pair of greaves other than the leather ones. This is because if you have the leather ones equipped you still see them after the replayed memory, even though the game says you have none equipped.
2. The memory you replay from has to be early in the game, before you have to buy the greaves, but also after you get the assassin outfit. This is because if you do a replay from before you get the outfit, after the replay it will reequip the assassin outfit along with anything else you had equipped beforehand, including the greaves.
3. The save from which you choose to remove the greaves can't be too far in the game. I think the reason for this is some of the upgrades might change your appearance, such as the second hidden blade. Therefore when you leave the replay it will change your appearance back to how it was, reequipping anything you had beforehand. The save I used in this video for replaying is sometime after getting the assassin outfit; and the save I removed the greaves from is right after assassinating Vieri.

You also have to complete the replayed memory. Exiting the replay won't remove the greaves.

Another thing to keep in mind is this also removes throwing knives from the weapon wheel permanently. I'm not sure if there is a way to get them back (perhaps removing the greaves before getting throwing knives from Mario might do the trick).

More Findings from Sequence 1

A few discoveries included that didn't warrant a video by themselves.

During the nightcap memory you can climb up to Christina's window during the scene. The results are worth seeing.

During the memory where you deliver a letter for Lorenzo, you can infiltrate the inside of the Auditore house. Move the mission character all the way to the house door. Talking to him will teleport you inside. Ezio's father and Uberto Alberti can be seen talking after you activate dialogue with Ezio's older brother. I tried seeing if I can do anything to Uberto during this, but unfortunately Ezio loses all high profile ability when he appears. As if it wasn't bad enough I couldn't get him at the Auditore execution, a second failed attempt! Grrr.

Also I show how I collected all 100 feathers at the beginning of the game (using Skipping of course). But the Auditore cape is still unavailable.

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Nice finds. I literally ROFL-ed when Christina opened the window.

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I don't care about greaves, but the rest of the video was entertaining. Thanks for making it.


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Oh No! Only on Xbox 360? It's so pity. But you really did a great job.

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Check out the save file names at 1:08. They were named after the various attempts I made them for. The first one, NoArmor, was made for the purpose of removing the greaves during replay. The second, VieriStunt, was made for a possible airwalk to assassinate, which proved to be impossible. The third, 100feathers, was made for collecting all the feathers at the beginning of the game. All in all these findings are proof I wasn't slacking off since my last video.

161803398874989 wrote:
I don't care about greaves, but the rest of the video was entertaining.

It may not seem like much, but people have wondered about the possibility of removing all armor in AC2. It's been mentioned here a few times, and on Gamefaqs it was one of the main item questions (asked about three times, "successfully answered" once).

Fed981 wrote:
I literally ROFL-ed when Christina opened the window.

I tried getting in the room before the scene ended, but the way is blocked. It might be possible to throw a guard in there from the nearby roof, although I'm not sure what that could accomplish. If you climb all the way to the roof and back down during the scene Ezio's legs get stuck in one of the window shutters at an impossible angle.

MAGLX wrote:
Oh No! Only on Xbox 360?

As far as we know. It doesn't look possible for PS3 because of differences in signing out, and we don't know about PC. Of course I'm sure some of you who have those consoles are willing to test it out. Any volunteers?

Also about the locked Auditore cape. I replayed from a save far in the game, but the cape still didn't show up. Then I went to the villa. Before I reached the building, this happened.
Yes, exactly like that. I was teleported in to the scene with Ezio's invisible mother. So I guess the game knows I deposited the 100 feathers and played the scene. Maybe if I play the game like normal when I reach the part where I can deposit feathers the scene will play like normal since I think you can only deposit feathers after the scene in the room where Claudia talks about the feathers.