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Robert de Sable's Early Death

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This video is based entirely upon a glitch reported by Bookeroo on Gamefaqs, Robert Killed In First Memory Block *Spoilers*.
He reported a glitch in memory block one where he fell through a wall, which allowed him to get to Robert de Sables. This video confirms everything he said except I found another way to get to Robert. I start off with an area exploit. Before you reach the room where you activate a trap jump from the structure on the wall and grasp a ledge on the side. You have to jump at a certain angle which allows you to slip past the corner of the wall. It also requires luck since you don't always land in the same place. Once you grasp the ledge move to the side and there are surfaces to move on. To avoid falling off the edges of narrow surfaces use the grab action. If done right you will eventually move up to where the invisible barrier wall ends and can land inside Masyaf. Here are the things said in the gamefaqs topic that have been confirmed in the video.
1. The social status indicator flashed red.
2. You can assassinate Robert de Sable. The animation I performed was low profile done on targets (so I guess this Robert has the same AI as the one in Arsuf, except for fighting you). Too bad I can't ride his horse.
3. After the assassination the sync bar turns red just like in regular assassinations where you are under city alert, but the guards don't try to fight me.
4. After leaving Masyaf and returning the camera angle moves from the leap of faith spot to you. It's kind of like when you restart from that checkpoint, when the assassin complains about his broken leg.
5. After returning Robert isn't there anymore, but most of his men are. The door to the fortress is now open. The assassins on the roof are also still there, except for Al mualim. And the assassins in the leap of faith area aren't there either.
6. Continuing by activating the trap will cause Robert to reappear for the scene.
7. An extra thing I included was proving that the wall where you activate the trap isn't solid. I managed to reach that place early in the game and show what the glitch would have probably looked like.

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Hey man, do you know this assassin will be resurrected? How do you think? Can we make him dead again?

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Weird, that never happened to me. If you can somehow move him water might be the only way.

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Once again, fantastic job Aurel! You really know how to accomplish incredible things with these games. Big smile

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Too bad you don't get to skip to Arsuf. xD

Amazing stuff, Aurel.


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You did it! Good job, Aurel.

This video has a back story. It was something I had been working on (replicating Bookeroo's glitch report on video). When it didn't happen exactly as he described, I handed it over to Aurel. He can always find an area exploit! This one has a big payoff: assassinating Robert de Sable in Memory Block 1.

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