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[Rogue Academy] AC Unity Mechanics Guide / Move Reference

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[Front paged - JoeyFogey]

Took a while to put this together because I got a lot of requests for this. I'm pretty sure all of TheHiddenBlade veterans will know about these already, though. Tongue Just posting here so the site gets this content. I did leave out certain items and abilities because I found them largely irrelevant to my own gameplay, but there might be some kind of follow-up vid where I collect additional information. We'll see how it goes.

01 Smooth Cover 1:56
02 Side-Dismounts Off Walls 2:20
03 Side-Hops While Walling 3:03
04 Back Eject 3:39

05 Berserk Stun 5:40
06 Berserk Overdose 6:30
07 Phantom Blade Damage 6:59
08 Phantom Blade Distraction 7:48
09 Firearms From Inside Smoke 8:05
10 Projectile Ranges // Dealing With Gunners 8:36

11 Intro 9:17
12 Cherry Bomb Consistency 9:43
13 Smoke Bombs 10:44
14 Poison Bombs 11:45

15 SSI-Trick 12:23
16 Understanding Disguise 13:30
17 Blending and Blend-Assassinations 14:23

COMBAT 15:18
18 Gunners 15:29
19 Normals 15:41
20 Spearmen 15:57
21 Agiles/Elites 16:13
22 Brutes 16:28
23 The God-Combo (For Fun and Profit!) 16:39
24 Seeing Through Flashbangs 18:15

CO OP 18:44
25 [Co Op] Smoking Doors For Allies 18:49
26 [Co Op] Resolving Ally's Combat with Safe Projectiles 19:30
27 How To Use Player-Tags for Coordination 19:45

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Very informative video. Congrats on seven simultaneous frontpaged vids. Rob's applause In regards to quickshooting grounded enemies, does that also work for boss fights?

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Leo K
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There's only one boss you can put on the ground, and it just does massive damage to him, as far as I'm aware.