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Scenes in Constantinople with Ezio Missing Part 1

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For my first video of teleporting Ezio from scenes in AC:Revelations I decided to record from the Sofia memories. Sorry there weren't more scenes to record from.
The first recording is from when you retrieve a painting for Sofia. Since you beat up a target I use him to make a herald back up to the place where a scene will start and bribe the herald during the scene.
The second recording is where you attempt to buy flowers from a merchant. Notice how I move the herald there by grabbing him. I used a smoke bomb first so that the herald doesn't know that I grabbed him. During the scene both Ezio and the merchant disappear, and the merchant doesn't appear afterward.
The last scenes are right after attempting to buy from the merchant. You pick some flowers for Sofia. I recorded this more than once, both with the result of the camera staying on Ezio and the herald instead of in the scene.

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Good job, saw it on YouTube. Wink
I really should play this game more.


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