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Shahkulu The Renegade Variety Pack

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Since this mission is scripted there aren't much creative opportunities. Here's a small variety pack.

Fists Only Assassination
For those of you unfamiliar with Eagles Bruise it's the technique where you kill people in the game using only your fists, unless you have to use another weapon. Because of how the mission is designed it seems as though the only way to first kill the target is with an air assassination, but from a pillar you can jump in front of the target and knock him out with your fists instead. I also use fists against the archers beforehand. For those of you wondering how to defeat him with fists during the fight there is a technique known as thief bash (countersteal + punch).

Fast Easy Fight
Some of you might wonder how to defeat the target fast during the fight. Here are two ways:
1. Go to the roof of the building outside the fighting area. It's high enough that characters will die from the fall. So knock Shahkulu off when you have the chance. If any of the guards get in your way grab them while holding a weapon to quickly kill them.
2. Go to the same roof. When Shahkulu climbs up drop down and ledge assassinate him. As you can see I got lucky as the target was the first to climb up. Cool

Weapon in Scene Glitch
You are able to have a weapon unsheathed during the memory corridor scene and the scene that follows. I show one of two ways to do this:
1. Unsheath a weapon when you reach the platform from which you air assassinate Shahkulu. Select hidden blades and quickly air assassinate before you sheath the weapon. After the air assassination Ezio seems to sheath the weapon, but it is unsheathed in the scene (perhaps he doesn't sheath it all the way?). I've had one time where it didn't work, could either have been based on chance or on the type of weapon.
2. Another way would be to air assassinate like normal and select the weapon. Ezio unsheathes it before the memory corridor.

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Joined: 02/07/2010

Will be interested to see if you can pull off anything amazing for the next mission, which is easily the worst assassination in the AC series.

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Leo K
Toronto, Canada
Joined: 12/30/2009

The Fists Only Assassination was awesome, and the Fast Fight example where you Ledge Assassinate him was godly. Kinda makes me want to play this game again.

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Honolulu, HI USA
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Those archers sure went down easily. One punch each and they looked like this: Drunk

You won't even feel the blade.

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At Where else?
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Glad you liked it. Another thing I tried was an early death in hyperblend. Still got detected though.

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Yes, fists only was cool.

And for the fast kill, I still think that 1 counter + 2 hits while in a killstreak (in a speedrun manner of course) will be faster than going to the building. Your idea was marvelous though.

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...meh. Like you said, there isn't much creativity in this mission. The fists-only assassination was pretty cool, though.


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