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"Showtime" - Assassination Variety Pack

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Useful Infos:

Mysterious Death
The goal of the mission is to poison the target and escape without being seen at any time (no yellow bars). The only way to do it is using hyperblend exploit because the two bodyguards of the target always follow him.

Stunt assassination
Go near the target and make him flee by holding RT (high profile), he will stand at the center of the ruins, then scare him with a smoke bomb (without being seen, so he will flee without cause a desynchronization), he will start to run around the ruins. Climb on the city wall and make the stunt assassination.

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The map is the feather map of Tuscany from right here on The Hidden Blade! You can ask Asaic how he made it.

It looks as if Altair92 added the blue dots, red curves and green lines using Microsoft Paint or similar.

You won't even feel the blade.

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That's a pretty nice picture you made. Cool How did you make it?

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nicely done altair92!

jack, im not sure if you saw my last post on extreme shooting:

i think the answer to your question is related to how the roads are laid out. the target will tend to flee along these paths. if the paths can make a large circle within the virtual world, the target will run in circles. otherwise, the target follows a path until he/she cant follow it any more, and then turns around.

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Awesome work, this is one of my favorite missions. A challenge here is to eliminate all enemies without being seen and then take him out at his second fleeing spot.

Hey I wanna know if you tried this as well. While going for a long range gunshot did you ever decide to follow him? I noticed he kept hanging around the bottom half of Tuscany when I tried to get a shot and he kept turning back. I thought of grabbed him all the way to The Salviati Villa at the very north ( where you do a Pazzi Assassination) he would run back to his fleeing spot, which is ages away.

Instead of grabbing him I followed him, and he decided to run all the way to the vila anyway. So if you stick by him, does he always run to the villa? he just runs around in circles. I then grabbed him and put him like 300 meters away, he ran back to the villa but at around 150 meters he turned back

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Yes i tried to follow him and make the gunshot from a different waypoint to see if it would be longer, but without positive results. When you start to aim he always flee for 120-140 meters and then come back to you.
These are the locations where i tried to make a gunshot:

Original waypoint (the middle of ruins) = the target start to flee around the perimeter of ruins, the max distance that he reach is 152 meters (showed in my video).

San Gimignano southern entrance (on the top of city walls) = the target flee northerly, the max distance is about 120 meters.

The abbacy (where you kill Stefano da Bagnone) = i started to aim on the top of the church (near the haystack), the max distance is 145 meters.

The Salviati Villa = when the target enter in the villa he start to flee making circles, so you can't do anything...

I Also made a pic to explain better what i did Tongue