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Silent Crash of Carnivale

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Silent Crash of Carnivale
The goal is to kill every opponent you that can reach in the "Having a Blast" (Marco Barbarigo) mission without being detected. There are lots of ways to accomplish this task - this video shows just one way. This video is not optimal, but it demonstrates some of the techniques that can be used. I don't use smoke bombs in this video, since it would make this way too easy.

Here are some comments for this video:

0:14 There is a guard and a brute who patrol near the ship. Wait for them to turn away before heading for the haystack.

0:45 After luring the guard and brute to the haystack, you should only kill one of them. The other will eventually resume the patrol and pass the courtesans near the ship. This is where you need to kill him.

1:22 Three guards will leave the ship to inspect the dead body. Quietly kill the second and third guards with the double hidden blades.

1:53 You should run across the threshold to the garden. If you try to walk across, there is a bug that often causes you to stop and look down when you reach the threshold.

3:30 If you stand on the starboard or center sections of the ship, Marco and any surviving guards will automatically be alerted to your presence, regardless of whether anyone can actually see you.

4:04 The surviving civilian on the ship is the one who announced Marco before his speech.

4:12 Stand on the portside section of the ship, and wait for Marco to come to you. Don't worry... He's completely blind and cannot see you.

Here are 2 articles that cover some other details of the mechanics of this level:

Here is a more sophisticated version of this mission:

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That is absolutely amazing. Great video!

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Do you have anything else to do? Great video man, keep spitting in the face of Ubi! Big smile

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How the hell do you figure these things out Ian. Awesome job.

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