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[S.Pass] [Free Game] Redemption Site

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Leo K
Toronto, Canada
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If you own the Season Pass for AC Unity;
1) Go to the website.
2) Log in with whatever console account you played AC U on (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, uPlay)
3) Select game. (Let's be serious, Far Cry 4 is really the only choice here.)
4) It'll send you an e-mail to the associated e-mail address with a Redemption Code
5) Go to PSN/XBL/uPlay and punch in the code.
6) Download/Play

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previously vegetable
Joined: 04/21/2011

I couldn't redeem my game by going to but redirecting from worked. Last game I pre-order by Ubisoft btw.

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The Netherlands
Joined: 10/29/2012

From what I've seen on Youtube, Far Cry 4 is an amazing sandbox game. Absolutely worth the 0 dollars you spend on it. Wink
What other games can you pick?

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