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[Syndicate] Cable News - Stealth Reaper

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Game: Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Memory: Cable News
Style: Lethal / Reaper / Stealth Kills

The cables meant to be used for Alexander Graham Bell's new communications have been intercepted by Templar-influenced gang members, something that Starrick has used to send Bell a message, along with publishing lies about the situation in the London newspapers. Jacob Frye goes to the docks to reclaim the cables and dispense vicious retaliation, sending Starrick a message of his own, written in the language of corpses.

This one is sort of tough because of the messy, organic nature of the mission. It may not be very noticeable, but RNG played a huge role in me getting a run as smooth as this one. Whether I managed to re-Loot Smoke Bombs, Knives and Hallu-Darts from enemies affected the run a ton. This is one of the missions in which I had to do a legitimately high number of Restarts to get a run like this. What's more, I don't think this mission is Ghostable because you must kill at least the first three Blighters guarding the Rooks. Because this is the mission that unlocks Hallucinogenic Darts for the player, I decided to use them, though I don't really stay to see the carnage unfold. Both groups that I gas with Darts die off-camera. One moment I'm particularly proud of is when a Blighter meets a rather explosive end. It's rare that my own videos make me laugh, but I actually found that moment pretty funny.

/u/mister-mxyzptlk on Reddit (Aaditya on YouTube) recently uploaded his first Stealth Reaper video in Unity, and he covers a mission that I've never done a Reaper of. (Aurel has, though.) If you're interested in some extra content, feel free to check it out below.

AC Unity: The Prophet - Stealth Reaper |

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