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There is no Palazzo della Seta

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Time for Emilio's house of cards to literally start crumbling!

Watch the original video to see how to remove the front door of the palazzo.
After that, go to the herald to the west of the place. Move him by getting in a fight with a civilian. After you get him through the front door, the herald won't walk back to his original location.

There is no Spoon Assassination
This has to be done a certain way because of how different surfaces are modeled. The stairs in the palazzo disappear sooner than the flat surfaces (the floor at ground level doesn't disappear at all), plus Emilio disappears when you are about a hundred meters away. So the ideal time to TINS Emilio is when he is at the highest stairs (in other words, he dies from falling the height). Here is where the herald you previously moved comes in handy. Bribe him at the right time to teleport to his location. Since it's a little over ninety meters away, the stairs disappear instantly, and Emilio is TINSed. Keep in mind that if it weren't for the herald you wouldn't be able to get past the invisible memory walls surrounding the palazzo.

Failed Attempts
I originally thought this wouldn't be possible because of failed attempts. I moved the herald outside the palazzo, but then the scene wouldn't start! Shock Angry After finding a way to remove the front door, I tried moving the herald inside the palazzo, and now it works. Puzzled

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Good job! You should try it with other targets, move them over to Palazzo della Seta.

It'll be called... TINPDS!


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This almost counts as a Poetic Justice assassination because of the "your house of cards is crumbling" line...

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