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The Turkey Shoot - Diary of a Schoolboy

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The Turkey Shoot: The goal in these assassinations is to immobilize the target so that you can easily stab him/her with the hidden blade. Of course, the developers never intended such assassinations to be possible, so you have to rely on several exploits in order to pull off these types of assassinations.

Here are video walkthroughs for the assassinations shown in "The Turkey Shoot".

Tamir, Maria, Abu'l Nuqoud - Waypoint Separation:

Garnier de Naplouse, Al Mualim, Talal - Waypoint Separation and Obstruction Charm:

Majd Addin and William de Montferrat - Waypoint Separation, Obstruction Charm, and Pathfinding Charm:

Jubair - Small Plot of Land:

Robert de Sable - Extraction from Blue Wall:

Sibrand - Deja vu: