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Uncle Mario's Grandfather was a terrible architect

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How else do you explain the fact that the windows on the back of the Villa are misaligned, and yet light still comes through to the inside?

also, how come there isn't a kitchen? This villa seems more like a museum to me than anything else.

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Leo K
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Well, the Villa itself was pretty beaten up when Ezio first arrives in it, and you have to renovate it. (Proud 100% woot). Also, because of all the shops on the outside and stuff, the Auditore probably would never have had to eat inside, they could just go to a restaurant outside. I doubt they'd need a kitchen.. they live in Italy, remember, the pizza delivery there has GOT to be AMAZING.

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Pty James
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Heh pizza delivery, actually, I don't even think that pasta was very popular in that time.
Fact: Pizza, as well as tacos, is an invention of the United States, somehow related to the people of the X country.

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