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Unedited videos with fails

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This is not my suggestion. It comes from one of my YouTube subscribers named John Doe. I believe he was a fan of the early AC games but hasn't played the modern titles.

John has commented on at least two of my Syndicate videos about how they've made stealth too easy. In one instance I pointed out that it took me ~25 takes to complete a sequence with no awareness meters or detects. It wasn't exactly that the game was too easy. More I was making it look easy by only showing the final cut.

Which leads me to John's suggestion: "How would you like to show a fail compilation? Or an unedited version? Like watching Centerstrain01 figure out a Hitman challenge mission. That way the viewer would get the same perspective as you."

I haven't responded to him yet. My gut reaction is that The Hidden Blade values expert gameplay (and some comedy). Our viewers don't wish to watch reel after reel of outtakes. I will sometimes include a fail but only if it's real funny to me. There are some popular "blind let's play" channels. I'm not a fan but I think these are driven by the personality of the gamer. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

What do you guys think about having fail compilations and/or blind runs on The Hidden Blade?

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I want to say that for myself, your perception is correct. I'm not a huge fan of gameplay like that, which is part of the reason why I don't watch Gaming Fail or Let's Play videos on YouTube. The most I will do if I don't have the money to afford a game at the moment is watch Uncommented Playthroughs, and then pick it up when I get the chance (since, Interactivity is the heart of the medium and I do kind of want to play things myself).

Let's Play channels are definitely driven by the personality and popularity of the person playing.

I do prefer videos that show "flawless" runs or skill in games, both in terms of what I like making, and in terms of what I like watching. A few outtakes if the uploader found it funny can go a long way at the end of a vid, though, as long as they're not the main focus. Tongue

I'm happy with what we've got going on here. I find that seeing high-skill gameplay of a game lets me enjoy that game much more than if I hadn't seen that footage. I can't really say the same for fail-vids or comedy Let's Plays, as those tend to forgo interesting gameplay for an interesting personality/character. That's my take on things.

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It's definitely something that would be out of place for a lot of content creators on here. We're known for expert runs and some humorous (but still "expert") videos. I think all I've been uploading lately has been "Look what I did!!!" or funny little bits that I want to be immortalized.

So it really depends on who's uploading and what their style is. But I'd hate for someone to feel obligated to a specific behavior if they want to branch off.

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