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Wanted: 8400 points (Charge + Poison)

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Hey everyone, finally got my first video up; starting with a wanted game. I added commentary, hope it helps!

In the video I try to show how to score consistently over 8k in wanted and ways to reach 9k and sometimes 10k.

I have a 13k alliance and 15k Manhunt game that I will put up this week. Also working on a montage and top ten, enjoy

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The Inevidable
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Wow, this is exactly the opposite of my playstyle Laughing out loud
While you hurry to get the kill and the killstreak, I don't even bother getting it.
I get 1 discreet and 1 silent for variety and the rest all incognito. As many focusses and hidden as I can
(ofcourse I use poison as much as I can).
This way I obviously don't get alot of kills, but I compensate that with the 2x points deathstreak.

In first 2 min of game, I get about 1500 points. Then I'll have 2 or 3 followers at all times, making it hard to get good kills. Most of the time, I'll just lose 5 contracts in a row and I'll be down to being 4th or 5th or so.
Then I aim to get a really good kill (incognito + hidden + poison and focus if I can) and if I'm lucky I'll also get those small bonuses (50 points), amounting to a 1800+ points kill, putting me in first position again. Then I'll just play the rest of the game getting decent kills (not alot of incognito anymore).
This gets me to a total of 6k-7k points on a nice game (and usually I'll be 1st with that), having only 4 or 5 kills.

I like this playstyle, but I'm definitely gonna try yours.

p.s. It looks really funny in the summary screen if you're 1st with 5 kills on 6300 points and the person that's 2nd has 5600 with 12 kills Laughing out loud

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Joined: 02/07/2010

Are you the same guy on the official ubisoft forums?

Anyway good to see others are uploading multiplayer videos, I cant play multiplayer anymore so I gotta get my fix somehow.

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Joined: 02/03/2011

your play style is allot like mine pretty cool. I'm just allot more unlucky then you lol.

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Joined: 05/24/2010

Brilliant! Where have you been? (Apart from playing AC:B, of course Laughing out loud)

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Wow this is insane, i love commentaries. Great job, you're a very good player