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"What Was Kept From Us" - Assassin's Creed FanFic by DAZ

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Taking cover outside the burning building, an explosion shakes the air, blowing out several windows on the floor above her. A newspaper flies away, with the headline, “New York lost. Moscow destroyed. No life in South America. The end is near.”

The camera zooms out to reveal warfare in the streets and a dark purple sky with green lightning bolts above. Assault rifles and grenades tear through the city, as people hide in horror from a threat they cannot stop. “Have to get moving,” she says with a shaky voice.

She begins to climb the side of the building, then climbs into the window on the second floor, careful not to cut her hands on the glass.

Screams ring out through the hallway as a burning man runs out of a doorway and crashes through another window. Explosions in front of her. Explosions behind her.

She sprints down the hallway, terrified faces running towards her and bumping by her as they sprint toward the exit. She’s not running away. She has no time. Running toward what she knows is her death, she sees the locked door in front of her with a man’s dead body crashed through the glass, slumped over the small windowframe. She kicks his head forward, tossing him backwards through the broken window, which reveals a hole for her to dive through. She jumps through it and lands on the bloody, dead man, her jeans and hoodie stained with his former life.

"There’s a reason they left it, we have to know."

It’s the last thing she knows. Maybe there’ll be no answer, but she has to know anyway.

Two security officers with guns pointed at her tell her, “Ma’am, you need to get out of here. Evacuate the building now, you’re in danger.”

"No," she says, "I have to-"

They cut her off, “Access is denied to any area past here. Besides, the areas beyond here are all destroyed. Just accept what’s been dealt to us. The Instruments were right. We fucked up. You were right all along, your kind.”

She senses something wrong and her head pulses with pain. The two security guards pulse red and she knows she has to run. Taking the single flashbang out of her pocket, she throws it forward and closes her eyes while sprinting in zig-zags toward the two men, hoping she doesn’t trip. Gunfire sprays all around her, two bullets hitting her - one in the arm, one in the thigh, but she keeps running.

Diving past them, she hits a staircase, and rolls down it. In terrible pain, she listens to the guards above her. “Leave her. She’s dead anyway. All of us are. Let her do what she wants, there’s nothing much she can accomplish…”

"Where do we go? There’s no safe place anymore."

"Yeah… Might as well stay here. I’m going to miss you…"

"I guess this is it. It didn’t matter what Miles did."

"His sacrifice… We couldn’t understand it."

"If only the people at the top had kept Subject 16 alive… Then we’d know… Now all of us are lost because of it… We fucked up with Kaczmarek. Vidic, that bastard…"

In terrible pain and vision blurring, the girl holds her side and makes her way down the stairs.

"My god," she mumbles, horrified and disgusted.

Thousands of charred bodies lay strapped to Animi all over the facility. When the gunfights and rioting started, they were just left behind. Trapped inside their memories with no one to save them, they weren’t even conscious of their bodies in the real world dying.

Another explosion. The sky turning red.

She thinks there are maybe 10 minutes left before all of this, this entire world is lost forever. Aware of how insignificant she is, she stumbles forward and shoves a living body off of one of the Animi. The machine is still functional… Barely. Not given any time to ease out of the memory, he has a seizure then lies still - his soul emptied, broken, Desynchronized from his own mind. “I’m sorry…” the girl says.

She puts the USB drive in her pocket inside the slot on the computer beside the Animus and lays down, initializing her memory herself.

- - - - -

"Eve, let’s go." She looked down at her body, her arms. She was completely naked, flowing blue lines as if coursing with energy all over her - except for her left arm where a glass gauntlet hung, a blade inside it made of gold, powered by her mind.

The reddening sky showed them there was no time.

The two of them ran, and one of the gods tackled the woman beside him to the ground with his pistol poised to blow her brains out. Adam leapt upon him, his Hidden Blade slitting his throat.

He picked her up off the ground.

"Can you feel that?" he asked her as his head started to hurt slightly.

"Yes," she replied. "The Eyes of the Eagle touch me. There are four of them down there. You take two, I will follow."

In the chasm below them, four of the gods had their swords against their hips, only one of them had drawn hers. The two Hybrids hiding above them watched them glow blue in their vision. She swung the blade and a wave of golden light emanated from it, slashing the air in front of them. So many Humans, bleeding and dying, begging for mercy.

"Animals," the gods said to each other, agreeing.

They felt shadows above them, flying through the air.

"It’s the Man and Woman-!" were the last words that came out of their mouths before their cries were silenced, wrist-mounted steel drawing on their throats with red ink.

Gurgling as they fell to the ground, the gods looked into Adam and Eve’s eyes and whispered, “Why..?”

They disregarded them. The Man and Woman bent down to pry the rings off of their dead fingers. They put them on.

"Astior! Vasara! Kirteth! Nara! No! How can they have been killed by two Inferior Ones! Kill them!"

Bullets flew by Adam and Eve, some of them bouncing off the energy fields on their bodies as they ran up the giant metal staircase. Running up a wall and grabbing the etched metal grooves, they climbed onwards and upwards, the bullets from behind them still missing.

"How did you know they’d protect us, these rings?"

"Shards," Eve replied. "They’re Shards of Eden. When I looked into the Apple, it… I don’t know, it told me."

"This Apple, where is it?"

"We’re heading there now," she said.

"Couldn’t you have taken it with you?"

"Too dangerous."

As they climb to the top, she takes the golden ball off the pedestal and passes it to Adam. He holds it and gazes deep into it, visions only to him.

His mind in a reverie, he whispers to Eve, “Zero Four One Six One Seven. The fourth is the beginning. The sixteenth, the answer. The seventeenth, the End. The None will fall. She will be the reason they Rise.”

He stumbles backwards. “I saw-“

"-horrible things."

"And they’re happening right now."

"And they’ll happen later, as well."

"Come on, we have one last thing to do."

"What about our children?"

"I’ve left them what they need."

"Eve… I’m not ready for this…"

"Neither am I. But the sky will not wait for our preparation."

They hold the Apple between them and face each other.

With a deep breath, each stabs the other.

"Never doubt… That I loved you…" he says to her.

"You wouldn’t have done this if you did not," she chokes out.

As they die, one of the gods steps out of the shadows. She wears a head-dress and her eyes are frightening. She stares at the two Hybrid and whispers, “Original Sin. Unless all of your ilk are saved by this act, all of them will die because of it.” But Adam and Eve pay no attention to her, their eyes firmly fixed on the Apple’s message.

As their blood falls on top of the Apple, the hologram changes in front of their eyes. The message they see changes everything - at all times, in all locations, at once. The calculations are impossible. The world ceases.

- - - - -

Gasping, she gets out of the machine, tapping the buttons on the keyboard beside it. “Eve,” she hears. She disregards it. The ghosts in her mind, the personality she was forced into no longer wishes to leave. The pain in her stomach, of being stabbed when she was not is an illusion. Everything is an illusion. The Mind is all.

She types out her message. She high-jacks every news station, every major electronic billboard and broadcasts her words.

Lying back down on the machine, she enters another memory.

- - - - -

They hold each other. They close their eyes. “What did you do to keep it from them?” he asks her weakly.

She kisses him. “A Book will be written. They will believe you and I were the first.”

"The first?"

"Of them."

"And who would they think created them?"

"That’s for them to decide."

"I love you."

"I love you."

- - - - -

She draws her last breath on the metal table. The memory stops. She’s gone. Never a Subject of Abstergo. A Subject of herself.

Outside, everyone sees what she’s written. The fighting stops. The fire in the sky reaches down.

"The First was avoidable. The Second was avoided. The Third does not exist. Disbelieve illusions. When Man makes Worlds of Apples, Seeds will stay. Nothing is true. Death is not true. Everything is permitted. Life is permitted."

Every man, woman and child looks to the sky. It is the last thing they can do. There is nowhere to run, or hide. They calm themselves, some still panicked. But the fire that comes down to the Earth touches them. Nobody burns. Nobody screams. The fire disappears.

And the fighting stops.

And the girl who saved them all is not remembered… Just another burnt corpse in a room of burnt corpses…

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Never have I read something more incoherent than that comment.

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lizapape777 wrote:
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I feel honored that a random spambot liked my fanfic so much it decided to completely spaz out. Hell yeah.

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I expected some feedback and/or high praise for the writing, but then THAT happened.

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