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WTF?! You call this Monopoly?

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Pty James
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Circles, were would we be without em?
They make our lives easier and more enyoable, like a tire, pizza, or even in videogames. But there are things that should never be circular, specially the Monopolly board
Shame on you Hasbro! Angry

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[On the meaning of BAMF]i figured it was something similar to a MILF

Babes Await My..............Flap-a-doodle Laughing out loud

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Hey, that's pretty cool! I'm afraid I don't agree with you, James. I like it!

I think I'll get one when they come out. I like the fact that it's so compact. That was always one of the tough parts of playing Monopoly – finding the space for it. Going with an electronic system to replace money is fantastic as well. I'm totally sold.

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that looks like crap.
the circular thing can almost be lived with if there is nothing else-
but replacing the paper money with credit cards? that's just silly

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But it was a rectangle to represent the city, or like city blocks wasn't it? Now the board is more like some futuristic space station than a city. I'm sorry, I really don't like the look of this. Also, I learned how to use money through monopoly when I was a little kid, the credit cards won't teach the kids that or about change and things. Also with the credit cards, theres none of the psychological aspect of counting money, a feeling of power.

Guess i'm a monopoly traditionalist then.

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I don't understand why so many companies (and people, for that matter) think that just because something is old, it means its bad. The old monopoly game was just fine, there was no need for "improvement" or "additions" like the credit cards, and we certainly didn't need this stupid new board design.

Suffice to say, I don't like it.

For special occasions...

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Fly Like an Eagle
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That thing looks like a UFO. And do you realize how easy it will be to cheat if you're the Banker? Credit cards are an even worse idea than a circular board.

Take it from Lee Corso: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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Lol. I grew up playing that game, and this is just extraterrestial..
I remember that when I was the banker, I quickly grabbed some more money when the other players are not looking. Aah.. nostalgia. But anyway, I don't care if the make a miscarriage of the original, if some people like it, I'm not bothered.

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OK, as a parent, I'm sick and tired of having to put batteries in EVERYTHING! Raise the price of toys cuz it beeps and lights up now throw 10 bucks worth of batteries in it everytime you wanna play it. It drives me nuts. And like joecool said, the feel of the real money, the experience of using it makes the game so much more then who has the most hotels at the end. Not to mention the fact that monopoly was always the game that was pulled out when we lost electricity. It was like tradition in that regard. Now you can't even escape the world of technology at all. Makes me a bit sick Sad

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