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Silent Rooftop Extermination and Rouille Stunt

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 8 Memory 2 September Massacres Rouille Assassination

Silent Rooftop Extermination

A method for assassinating every enemy on the rooftop during the mission without being seen.

Gunmen in the tower- the fast easy way is activating the optional cutscene, which kills both guards. Two other ways are ledge assassinations or sneaking up from behind.

Patrolling brute on platform- Either kill him when you're out of sight of the other nearby platform guards (after killing the guards in the tower) or ledge assassinate.

Brute and gunman on one side of the roof- Wait until the brute stands near the other guard for a double assassination or double air assassination.

Guards on other side of roof- Wait for the patrolling guard's back to be turned to quickly assassinate all three of them. You move faster crouching than walking.

Remaining guards- This part used to be tricky because one of the guards and the target are facing each other. However it has been discovered that shooting Rouille once with a berserk dart prevents him from seeing you. This helps a lot in sneaking around that particular area unseen. Now you can just walk up the steps and assassinate that guard, as well as the "sleeping against rail" guard.

Target- Thanks to the berserk dart trick, Rouille is in a state where his AI has been put on hold. If you perform some actions on him such as tackle or attack, the berserk affect kicks in shortly afterward. But in the meanwhile he doesn't notice you, not even if you're fighting enemies in front of him.

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The Many Ways to Kill Captaine Rose in Dead Kings DLC

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Assassins Creed Unity Sequence 13 Memory 6 a Crown of Thorns.

The last memory of the sequence and assassination of Captaine Rose.


Before the fight with Captaine Rose, it's a challenge just to get to him without being seen.

Using just the hidden blade it's not that hard to make your way through the area. Also took the opportunity to achieve the double assassinations challenge.

When you start down the large flight of stairs, wait for the two guards to pass by and quickly assassinate them. Then kill the raider captain from the safety of a cover. This will cause some nearby guards to flee, making your stealth path easier.

Continuing along the route, corner kill the stationary guard. I've gotten see before by the patrolling guard during this kill, but with the timing in the video I haven't.

Now wait till the patrolling guard can't see you and hang off the edge. By this time some guards will notice the bodies of your first kill. Shimmy your way across and kill the patrolling guard, then the two posted guards. You will complete the double assassinations challenge.

When you reach the next two guards, keep an eye out to your right for guards. Kill them when the coast is clear. You won't have to worry about enemies for the rest of this as long as you keep to the roofs.

Early Death

Now that you've reached the target, time to pre-kill him. Getting close to the area starts the scene, so lure him with a firecracker from a safe distance away. Other guards will also arrive, which can be dealt with using poison bombs.

Now sneak up on the target and... he can't be assassinated or knocked out. Immune to poison bombs and berserk darts. Combine that with lots of health and you're looking at a high level boss.

Now here's the thing: If you kill him then it actually causes the scene to start. Not sure why, maybe killing him is supposed to start the next checkpoint regardless of what part you are in the memory.

Anyway, he respawns after the cutscene, so the pre-assassination is just for fun.

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The Many Ways to Assassinate le Roi des Thunes King of Beggars

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Assassins Creed Unity le Roi des Thunes the King of beggars. This assassination takes place in sequence 4.


Only use the knockout ability. To remain anonymous I had to take out two other guards. Stealthy, except for when the target spotted me for a brief moment. The game requires you to kill the target with the hidden blade, but strangling him first helps with the idea of a mercy killing.


The closest thing to a punching bag. Sneak up, unsheath your weapon and beat him to a pulp.

Employee of the Month

Killed by one of his own. Berserk the gunman on the other side of the room. Make sure you kill him right after he shoots the target or he will detect you after that.

Jump Kill

A mini stunt from the highest available beam nearby, using a cherry bomb to make the target face away.

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The Many Ways to Assassinate Sivert

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Sequence 3 Memory 2 Confession

Instead of labeling the video with the usual "variety pack", I used a term Youtubers are more familiar with. Here are a variety of ways to creatively take out Sivert the target.


First an eagle strike from the highest point I can climb to inside the building. This works a bit differently than eagle strikes in previous games. We don't quite know how to successfully catch ledges in Unity, so I rely on an automatic grasp, which is why Arno appears to dive down after the jump. Another complication to do with this is Arno has a brief moment of getting a grip, during which time he can't air assassinate the target. This is shown in two examples.

So even if manually catching ledges no longer works, eagle strikes are still possible, just not as awesome since you'd only be able to grasp the ledge part way down instead of the usual most of the way down.

Now for a stunt assassination from the highest point you can fall without dying. Trying to find a decent spot to jump from without catching onto or landing on something is difficult. The best that I could do involved bumping into an object on the way down.

Unity brought back a mechanic from AC1: having to kill the target with the hidden blade, even if he's already lying on the ground. Except instead of an automatic kill you have to walk up to the incapacitated target and prone kill him. I take advantage of this by killing him with a phantom blade bolt (which is unlocked later in the game, but you'll have it when replaying the memory) and performing a "grounded stunt".

The only way you should be able to kill an incapacitated target is with the prone kill, but if you shoot him and start an air assassination before he's knocked down, it will carry over to a "grounded air assassination". During the animation the memory scene will start right when you land on him, long before Arno plunges the hidden blade into the target. Another cool thing in the video is the mechanics for blood. Splattering over the altar look very poetic.

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