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Fort St-Mathieu Silent Extermination Revisited

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Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort St-Mathieu Revisited

This was another run I really didn't think was possible at first. It's incredibly hard, needing tons of patience and careful observation. This is the last revisiting I'll be doing, and at this point I'm happy to say that I have strategies for perfect Silent Exterminations at both remaining Forts. That means that it's possible to kill every single soldier in every single Fort with no one ever knowing, even while saving the Captains for last, all without ever using the Bow, Poison Darts or Trip Mines.

There are a few instances in this video where I make note of enemies' sightlines not matching their animations, or matching them in a way that seems unfair. This is emblematic of this game's internal conflict between believeability and predictability. In the end, both should be designed carefully to strike the right balance. It's frustrating how often it fails, but it deserves praise for its successes.

There's just one thing I didn't include in the annotations: at 1:55, when I transition back to the tree, the area where it's possible to jump from the roof to the tree is indicated perfectly by that patch where the shingles are missing. I'm unsure whether that's intentional, but not all roofs have that feature. It's a subtle, brilliant piece of signposting if so.

Next time: something similarly crazy.

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I must say, although it ruined the "silent" part of the run, getting seen by that guard on the catwalk was nice... it helped prove that you didn't have the ninja hack on the whole time. Tongue

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