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Does anyone in this forum heard of... or played MineCraft on PC/Mac?
I know joecool has... Wink but im just curious

>>>> mine cart interstate... awesome Innocent

I believe MineCraft was only created by one person named Notch... weird

Alpha version is available and beta hasn't even started ... I bought the game a week ago for $13 and its very addicting especially multiplayer survivor mode... I Love this game

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For anyone reading this topic, watch Xs adventures in Minecraft on youtube, when I first saw this game, I scoffed at it, but I started watching youtube videos and things and I was amazed at how great it actually is!! You can build these amazing things, be chased through tight dark corridors by creepers, be shot at by skeletons with crossbows, build moats of lava, explore a world with a surface area 8 times bigger than our own, sail across the ocean in a small boat, it's really epic! Honestly, watch some youtube videos and things, then you too will experience the epicness of Minecraft!! Big smile Big smile

Minecraft itself is really cheap, a good bargain of only 9 euros or about £8.50, it's a one off payment, once you've paid, it's yours.

Thanks to SBIzokronus for the fantastic sig!