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Punching bag

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Altair's Fists of Fury

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Turn targets into one-hit punching bags!
Read this description for the explanations of how each target was set up, as well as why other targets couldn't be killed this way.


You can't take his heath down early without getting detected, which makes it impossible to progress.


Get into the hospital early through the window.
Then take down his health until he's one punch away from death.


After killing his guards, take out Talal's health with throwing knives.
You'll need to have done the Garnier assassination first to have the knives unlocked.
Now one punch is all you need to take him out, but it's easy to miss on the running target.


Get into his fortress early.
After punching him nearly to death start the scene. Afterward sneak up on him with a jump. If you get detected, William will get into combat stance and block the punch, which happened a lot until I jumped from the spot in the video.

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William's Instant Kills and King Richard's Death
---promoted to front page by Ian---

So I went back to find more things in King Richard's Citadel just prior to the scene in memory block four. And I'm glad I did, because I found a much easier way to get in there, as well as some interesting discoveries.

Easy Infiltration

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