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The Plantation Master Assassination Variety Pack

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The Plantation Master is an AC4 assassination contract in Kingston.

Plantation Extermination

The goal here is to take out the guards in the immediate area stealthily. The East side isn't guarded so we'll start from there. A guard here walks back and forth from the target to the tall grass, so a whistle is an easy way to get him. Next is a captain, who patrols around the area and is likely to spot you. Let him see you before hiding back in the grass.

After that's taken care of, assassinate from behind the two stationed guards guarding a chest in low profile. The target will investigate the bodies, so swing back around to the East side and also double assassinate the two brutes from behind.

Now here's where things got a little hectic. I originally was going to hide in the nearby grass that the target was soon going to search, but for the sake of variety I grabbed an ax. Normally the target is supposed to flee, but because he "detected" me before he actually "saw" me, he went into combat mode. I expect he would flee right after shooting, if given the chance.

The restricted area in this contract extends South to a field where some guards are patrolling. I didn't bother with those since they weren't in immediate area, but one of them will discover the dead brutes.

Point Blank Rifle Shot

Lets take advantage of the target's flee route. He runs straight up a hill before turning left. So race ahead of him and prepare to fire. A pistol isn't powerful enough to kill him in one shot, so I took a rifle from a rooftop gunman.

Stunt Assassination

This also uses the predictable run route. A nearby viewpoint is at the top of the hill. To buy some extra time, a sleep dart works best. You also don't want to get 40 meters away from the target or he'll disappear, which is why I used the dart after he was outside the plantation zone.

Jumping from the tower, Edward can't quite make it over a fence, so the stunt becomes an air assassination stunt. Notice there is another tower next to the viewpoint. From this one you can jump over the fence, but it still falls short of killing the target during his run.

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"Torres" and El Tiburon Assassination Variety Pack

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The memory Tainted Blood, in which you assassinate a decoy Torres and El Tiburon.

Turkey Shoot Early Death

In sequence 2 memory 2 El Tiburon first appears. Under02 originally found a way to kill him (throw a smoke bomb to make him drop his ax and use the special attack). Unfortunately it wasn't much reliable. So I looked for an improved way.

Get his attention. Be careful not to let him get close or Edward gets instant killed. Now this part is tricky because if you face the camera away from El Tiburon he disappears, even if you're in combat with him. Plus you currently have to tail a captain who is walking the opposite direction from El Tiburon. So lead him that way, towards a group of courtesans. At some point (when you have to obtain a key from the captain) his AI is no more. Just stands there and can be moved with tackle. Now for moving him into water the game won't let you tackle him off edges, so use an explosive barrel from the nearby fort.

Dead on Arrival

Kill "Torres" after he spawns in the fort. Get ahead while tailing El Tiburon and wait. Originally I wanted to stand right by the spot where he spawns, but it proved difficult with all the guards standing nearby. And yes it wasn't exactly where he appeared, but I spent so much time I figured it was close enough.

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