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The Plantation Master Assassination Variety Pack

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The Plantation Master is an AC4 assassination contract in Kingston.

Plantation Extermination

The goal here is to take out the guards in the immediate area stealthily. The East side isn't guarded so we'll start from there. A guard here walks back and forth from the target to the tall grass, so a whistle is an easy way to get him. Next is a captain, who patrols around the area and is likely to spot you. Let him see you before hiding back in the grass.

After that's taken care of, assassinate from behind the two stationed guards guarding a chest in low profile. The target will investigate the bodies, so swing back around to the East side and also double assassinate the two brutes from behind.

Now here's where things got a little hectic. I originally was going to hide in the nearby grass that the target was soon going to search, but for the sake of variety I grabbed an ax. Normally the target is supposed to flee, but because he "detected" me before he actually "saw" me, he went into combat mode. I expect he would flee right after shooting, if given the chance.

The restricted area in this contract extends South to a field where some guards are patrolling. I didn't bother with those since they weren't in immediate area, but one of them will discover the dead brutes.

Point Blank Rifle Shot

Lets take advantage of the target's flee route. He runs straight up a hill before turning left. So race ahead of him and prepare to fire. A pistol isn't powerful enough to kill him in one shot, so I took a rifle from a rooftop gunman.

Stunt Assassination

This also uses the predictable run route. A nearby viewpoint is at the top of the hill. To buy some extra time, a sleep dart works best. You also don't want to get 40 meters away from the target or he'll disappear, which is why I used the dart after he was outside the plantation zone.

Jumping from the tower, Edward can't quite make it over a fence, so the stunt becomes an air assassination stunt. Notice there is another tower next to the viewpoint. From this one you can jump over the fence, but it still falls short of killing the target during his run.

Bombs Away!

Just for fun. I obtained a barrel from another contract, The Weapon Smugglers. There might be other barrels closer, but I didn't want to spend time looking for them. What you see here is my first and only attempt of throwing and detonating a barrel at the target. Just too bad I got detected right before, but this was near the end of my recording, and I didn't want to spend too much time getting things just right.


Use a rope dart to hang the target, during his running (and speaking of running, he slows down and walks at about 30+meters away). This target has a pretty big run route. Shortly before the predictable path ends, he runs under some climbable trees. One right over him happens to have an Animus fragment collectible. In the kill, I actually collected the fragment.

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I thought we agreed to call the hangman move "predator" back in AC3 (as opposed to death by predatory animal which we call "human bait"). Anyway, that's how I tagged it. The point blank shot is essentially a "tripwire" but we don't have that tag anymore.

You won't even feel the blade.

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Altair Auditore
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Nice video Aurel!

How did you replay the assassination contract though? I've always been a fan of the rope-dart hangman move, it;s a shame that the campaign targets don't offer a lot of opportunities to use it.

161803398874989 wrote:
Wow bombs away looks awesome. Any chance of using that on other targets?

If I remember correct there are three assassinations in which there are bombs nearby/available. Chamberlaine has bombs on the boat, Burgess & the other guy have a few bombs laying around the area and during the assassination of Woodes Rogers it is possible to grab a bomb from a plantation but due to the desync upon detection it's nearly imposible to get a bomb to him.

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Wow bombs away looks awesome. Any chance of using that on other targets?


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161803398874989 wrote:
Wow bombs away looks awesome. Any chance of using that on other targets?

Not sure if all major cities have them lying around. Just be on the lookout.

Altair Auditore wrote:
How did you replay the assassination contract though?

They aren't replayable. I backed up the save file before doing any contracts or Templar Hunts (even though Templar Hunts are replayable, you don't have access to rope darts or poison when replaying). The part of the game I backed up was right after unlocking the rope darts. The next memory just so happened to start at the assassins bureau in Kingston, which prevented me from starting the Templar Hunt there.

And if you're unfamiliar with the latest way of backing up save files:

You'll need either a flash drive or a memory card (since a memory card doesn't have a USB port, you'll have to connect it to a device that does). Plug it into the Xbox 360 and choose either configure or customize to make the memory compatible with the files in the console. Next go to the console's storage and copy the save file onto the USB. Black Flag has two save files for every slot; I suspect one is for multiplayer.

Putting the save file onto a computer isn't as simple as copy and paste. You won't even see the save file when you open up the USB device on the computer. What you need is a program called USBXTAFGUI_v44 (when I open it, it tells me there is a new version that I can download). Go to file, open first USB drive. Then click on data partition, then content, then E000B63D840FC4F. Each separate file after that leads to different games.

Now how to store the files. Right click on the save file and choose extract. It will ask you what folder you want to put it in and give you the option of changing the file name. DO NOT CHANGE IT, or the Xbox 360 will not recognize the file. Instead make a folder for each file you store with the game name and memory it's on. That way you won't get files mixed up since they are all named the same, except if on different save slots.

How you copy a file back onto the USB is by going to the folder of the game after E000B63D840FC4F (obviously you need a file from the game on the USB in order for there to be a folder for it). Firs delete the game file in there so you don't mix it up with the one you're going to get. Then right click in the folder and choose inject to pick which file.