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Memory Block 4

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Party Cancelled - Abul Nuquod's Early Death
[Front-paged by stabguy]

So it turns out Abul Nuquod can be killed before it should be possible, even though you can't get to him without the memory recording.

For the basic setup watch the original video.
You get in the place by countering a guard through the other side of a wall.

Early Death
After glitching inside the palace the memory starts recording before you reach Abul Nuquod. Walk to the front where you can fall off the roof. There's an invisible barrier that prevents you from going back inside (and in this case also a blue memory wall from being exposed). Walk to the nearest city entrance. You will receive a message that the memory will reinitialize if you leave the city. Going further will refresh the memory and allow you to regain high profile actions. So run back to the palace. Guess who is strolling out the side door? Abul, and maybe one of his bodyguards (I've done this only twice, so I don't know the chances). The game doesn't delete them when you reinitialize the memory, probably because they don't appear until the memory starts recording (actually you can see the bodyguards on the balcony from outside the front door, so it's probably based on distance until the memory starts recording). The palace is empty, and there is no target on the map. Even after killing Abul Nuquod you still have to start the mission again.

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The Invisible Assassination of Not William of Montferrat

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[Front-paged. - stabguy]

Note: Aurel found this first and then told me about it, so I didn't really do anything.
You can do this by starting the William assassination at the bureau and then infiltrating the fortress without the scene starting (see this article). At certain points in the fortress, all the soldiers will disappear. You can then setup an 'invisible kill' with air-to-assassinate: you lock onto your target and make sure you jump through one of these spots. Near the back of the group is a great spot.
Altaïr then performs an air-assassination ( Big smile ) and the memory corridor scene starts. Afterwards, you can just stroll out of the area and get back to the bureau, after which you will have completed the mission.
I opted to get out of the city instead, to see if the back-to-the-future exploit worked. It didn't, but William's army has become substantially smaller, which makes setting up an anonymous kill very easy with a couple of knives.

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Majd Addin Quits His Job
[Front-paged by stabguy]

What if Majd Addin stopped killing people and just walked away? Well... My latest exploit does just that. I introduce to you Back to the Future exploit!

After killing Majd Addin go to the main gate of Jerusalem. Get the attention of the guards outside by killing the guards inside. Now the guards outside will try to get to you by climbing the beams. Here's a way to get them to temporarily fight you. Hang on the beam by the gate and when a guard comes he will throw rocks at you. Drop down and for a short while he will attack you before going back to the beams. If you manage to counter an attack you will glitch through the gate! Now fast travel out of there and come back.

Back to the Future Exploit
Upon arriving back in Jerusalem the gate will be open (probably because you are not under city alert). When entering you will be told that leaving the city will reinitialize the memory. Go talk to the bureau leader Malik. You will start the mission again as usual. But what has changed? When you get close you will hear the crowd talking as though the scene had just ended. Then you might hear the first victim talk. When you start the scene Majd will start saying what he last says to the first victim, and a few more things in the scene are out of sync. The scene ends with a long pause and Majd killing the first victim. As a result he falls off the stage and walks away. Because you weren't detected there isn't a distance restriction, but you can't follow him without crossing an invisible line that ends the mission. Now there are a few other ways this could end. If you don't hear the first victim speak before the scene you will hear her during the scene, and afterwards Majd will glitch partway into a wall. You are unable to lock onto him or assassinate with the hidden blade but can hit him with a weapon, which can get his attention but might also move him too far into the wall. Another way this could end is by having the second victim talk before the scene. I found that if you get away from the stage you can make more of the after-scene dialogue happen. The farthest I've gotten in the after-scene dialogue is the second victim talking. Now Majd will take a shortcut out of the place by climbing the building. I decided to end the video with an air to assassinate.

The Exploit Explained
Since you fast traveled after the assassination the area was refreshed. And by coming in through the gate you reinitialized the memory. So you start the assassination again, but the game knows you already did the mission, which results in the after-scene stuff happening before and during the scene. It's like the game thinks you are at two different checkpoints at the same time! For Majd Addin it's a tug of war between the scene and after-scene scripting. So the AI gets confused, and Majd is no longer affected by the scripting after the scene.

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William's Instant Kills and King Richard's Death
---promoted to front page by Ian---

So I went back to find more things in King Richard's Citadel just prior to the scene in memory block four. And I'm glad I did, because I found a much easier way to get in there, as well as some interesting discoveries.

Easy Infiltration

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Pre-Exposed Blitz on Majd Addin and Ghost Mode

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[Front-paged. stabguy]

(Second vid below the fold)

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Infiltrating Abul Nuquod's Palace
[Promoted to front page. -stabguy]

Getting inside the merchant king's palace just prior to the cutscene (non-story) is something I have wanted to do in a while. Here's the setup.

You need a vigilante for this. Luckily there's a group of them not far away from the palace. You would first want to kill the guards in between where you want to lead the vigilante. Have a guard fight you to lead the vigilante. This could take a while since most of the time is spent watching the guard struggle with him. But then the guard pushes him away and comes again after you. This is how you lead the vigilante. Make sure the guard doesn't get too far from him or the vigilante gives up and goes back to the others. Lead them to the door of the palace that Abul Nuquod exits out of. You will encounter a group of guards. Kill all but three guards uncluding the one used for the vigilante (this doesn't seem to work if there are more than three guards). Now here's how you get into the palace. If you jump on the platform by the wall of the door the guards will think you are on the other side of the wall and go there. It is a little common in the AC games for guards to think you are somewhere else, especially if it's by a wall. Getting guards to go after you by jumping while crouching is known as the Pathfinding Charm, discovered by IanXO4.
This is where the vigilante comes in. You need to be locked onto a guard so that you are in battle mode and can counter kill your way in the palace. Jump only when the guard and vigilante are struggling so you don't have the guard also trying to go in the palace.

Exploring the Palace
After you get in stay close to the wall to avoid the memory starting. Take the path shown in the video. Notice how the rooftop archers are all gone. Now for Abul Nuquod. Unfortunately you can't get to him without the memory starting. In fact he and his bodyguards don't even appear until the memory starts. So just drop by and say hello to them before starting the scene. So infiltrating the palace doesn't have much use besides saying it's possible.

I've gotten out of the palace by dropping from the roof, gone a far distance away, and come back. From the front door I can see the bodyguards are no longer on the balcony, and possibly also Abul Nuquod, but with no way to get inside it's unclear what has changed.

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William of Montferrat (Alternative Escape Route)

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[Front paged - stabguy]

Finally got around to doing this. The goal is to escape while inside the fortress. This is a pretty robust route, always works for me. There are other hiding spots inside the fortress should anyone else want to try this.

Ian and stabguy pretty much nailed all the stunts for this assassination, so I thought I would take a different approach. Use the priests so you can blend right next to him and assassinate him in front of all his guards.

For those interested I will start working on the save citizen video for this district soon

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William of Montferrat Preassassination
[Front-paged, stabguy]

A preassassination on William is possible using the same method as the one for the superfast blitz. But this time jump to the other railing (aim your jump by facing the post with the camera and jumping forward), get to the end, jump to the scaffold and grab on (make sure Altair is never in an upright position when you are doing this or you can't do any high profile actions and the scene will start). Then climb to the other scaffold and jump sideways to grab on to a higher part of it. Jump from that to a balcony, then to a beam, then to a plank. You are so high up that the scene won't start. Now you just need to climb inside the fortress where you will meet William and his men (too bad King Richard and the horsemen weren't in there). It gets a little glitchy as you can see with them appearing and disappearing. When you kill William it does the kill animation for targets and afterward you hear the phrase "close the gates", which is a game script for killing William. However there is no scene since William is not identified as a target by the game yet. After the scene it gets more glitched since you can't move through the invisible wall that's still there and you can't do any high profile actions.

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Abu'l Nuqoud Assassination Variety Pack
[From the forums - stabguy]

Here are some assassinations I did on Abu'l Nuquod the merchant king.

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William of Montferrat SuperFast Blitz
[Front-paged - stabguy]

A superfast blitz on William is possible because of how the game works. When you get to the assassination jump from a certain spot on a roof to grasp the edge of a railing and pull yourself up. The scene won't start because you're not in an upright position. Jump from railing to railing and other structures to get near the gate entrance of the citadel. When you reach this destination and Altair is standing the scene will start and you are in the huddle of William, King Richard, and other soldiers. You can now walk inside the citadel to where William will appear after the scene. The camera view will focus on the scene outside, so steering your way in there can be tricky. You'll know if you've reached the target's room because there are two guards posted on either side of the entrance outside of it. Stand behind the table on the far side of the room and wait for William to appear by it after the scene ends, mashing the assassinate button. You know what happens next- William gets owned!!! Cool Evil Trig's nuke Dougie's lightning Crown Steve Grade Rob's applause Exclamation Mark Armed hand

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