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Sequence 9

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George Washington's Death in Sequence 9

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Near the beginning of sequence 9 you meet up with Commander George Washington. After the scene you can talk to him two more times, then the fun begins.

After talking to Washington all you can, he can be targeted with a ranged weapon. This doesn't kill him of course, but does cause him to momentarily disappear as well as every time you move him.

You'll have to deal with the soldiers in that area of course. After that start moving him west toward water. Yes, drowning still works as a way of killing when all else fails. He may try to run away, but I just shoot him again and that seems to help.

Also it seems the optional conversation with Washington after the scene might be available only once in the game. I tried talking to him again a second time during a replay, and the option wasn't available.

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"Meet Me in the Afterlife" - Haytham Kenway's Early Death
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Haytham Kenway's Early Death
After the last scene in the memory, you have to save Haytham, resulting in a fight. Here's a way to avoid being detected. You'll need to have purchased the gun that shoots three bullets at once. With it you can take out all three of the men holding Haytham captive at once, avoiding detection.

After that the other soldier targets appear, but since you are anonymous they won't attack on sight. Kill four of them, using poison to avoid detection. Make sure you called a horse to replenish the poison (crafted saddle bags required).

After the four other guards die, Haytham will run away. Put him between you and one of the guards. As long as the guard can be targeted, you can throw the poison. Guess what? Haytham is affected by the poison! Of course you shouldn't use the poison too early, or you will desynch shortly afterward. Wait for the four guards to die first. A good time is when Haytham starts talking. Shortly afterwards the game doesn't record his health and he runs away.

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