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The Frontier

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Pre Assassinating John Pitcairn's Guards

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This exploit is one of two ways to reach the guards in the same area as the target before he spawns there.

Alternate Route

You cannot approach the British army directly without getting shot at and eventually desynching. This is because you cross an invisible line, triggering that scripting. However, you can bypass that line by veering to the right, past the memory wall. Have to be careful because you're almost far enough from the wall to desynchronize. After dropping off the cliff you can charge straight into the British troops.

Have fun taking out Pitcairn's guards in whatever way you want. There are just a few high levels guards to deal with, nothing a rope dart won't take care of. To make the target spawn, go the one of the checkpoints to progress.

Easy Fight

With no guards around, you are free to kill the target in more creative ways. I found that the ax special move doesn't kill him, but merely does damage and knocks John Pitcairn to the ground. The tradeoff is that this move is unblockable. The blunt weapon special move is less effective because the animation involves throwing the weapon, meaning you have to constantly pick it back up. The rope dart also does a little damage every time you use it to pull him to the ground.

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Edward Braddock Assassination Variety Pack

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The Natives' Revenge

Killing Edward Braddock with a native's weapon, the tomahawk. Right before the target gets knocked off his horse you see a soldier air assassinated by a Native American. You have the option to take him out and pick up his tomahawk. Plant it somewhere along Edward's flee route to use during the chase. As an added challenge I assassinate Edward before he stops running.

I actually made a new game to see if Haytham can keep the tomahawk with an empty small weapon slot (on this save file I had previously picked up a dagger from an enemy). So I picked it up and was able to sheath it. The weapon icon even showed up, however the tomahawk had disappeared during and after the next scene. I find it baffling that you are able to keep a dagger but not a tomahawk as Haytham, unless the game developers had anticipated this.


It took around five times to get the tomahawk kill right. Two mistakes I made were not running straight to the target and not placing the tomahawk where I can find it. In the case of my very first attempt I made both mistakes.

I thought if I just held Analog stick pointing up during the end of the scene I would get a head start in chasing the target, but the game has you running in a different direction. You have to wait until the scene is over and then the game will have you facing Edward.

Didn't leave the weapon in a good spot. Since this was my first time trying this, I wasn't sure if it had just disappeared during the scene, so I went back to make sure it was actually there. Luckily Edward found it, making for a nice last-second disarm kill.

Dynamic Air Assassination

This is a challenge THB member Double Mcstab with Cheese attempted when he made his own Edward Braddock Variety Pack.

Pretty much air assassinating him during the chase (no fair using a horse) .

Jump in, the Water is Fine

Make Edward suicide himself. He can be tricked into climbing on a nearby fallen tree if he's close enough while chasing you. Once he reaches the edge, Edward is a sitting duck and has no choice but to jump off, even if it's to his death. This may take a few tries.

Turkey Shoot in a Well

Before it had been thought that throwing a character into a well would kill him, but the target is very much alive. You can attempt to air assassinate him, but go back into the default hanging-from-well position. At least you can still shoot him.

Attempted Human Bait

The wolves displayed some strange behavior. They will not attack you if you are being chased by the target. Even worse, they will run away when close enough to Edward, whether or not you are detected.

General Chaos Style Fight

Edward is unarmed, and therefore sucks at fighting (it would have taken him a little over two minutes to punch Haytham to death). I use this to recreate a comical fight scenario from General Chaos, a battle simulator for Sega Genesis. The game is all about soldiers shooting each other, but sometimes you will have two engage in a close combat fist fight until one has lost all his health. Every once in a while it will appear one soldier has won after knocking his opponent to the earth, but then the grounded soldier whips out a handgun and blasts away the would be victor.

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George Washington's Death in Sequence 9

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Near the beginning of sequence 9 you meet up with Commander George Washington. After the scene you can talk to him two more times, then the fun begins.

After talking to Washington all you can, he can be targeted with a ranged weapon. This doesn't kill him of course, but does cause him to momentarily disappear as well as every time you move him.

You'll have to deal with the soldiers in that area of course. After that start moving him west toward water. Yes, drowning still works as a way of killing when all else fails. He may try to run away, but I just shoot him again and that seems to help.

Also it seems the optional conversation with Washington after the scene might be available only once in the game. I tried talking to him again a second time during a replay, and the option wasn't available.

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AC3 Forts Gameplay

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I was made aware of this site by InTehVaria, as he said you guys would probably enjoy my videos, so here's what I consider to be the best one.

Objective - Eliminate all red coats in all forts without raising the alarm and Try to perform as many different kills as possible.

Rules - . No animus hacks
. No assassin recruits
. No hud items
. No social status indicator (SSI)
. Complete in one play through

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Fort Monmouth Silent Extermination

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(Front-paged [with applause] by Lisa)

Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort Monmouth

Finally, here it is, the last episode in my massive AC3 stealth saga. Due to what is some bad design in my opinion, as well as some sloppiness on my part, it's imperfect, but I'm proud of what I've achieved.

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Fort Duquesne Silent Extermination

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Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort Duquesne

Just keeping on rolling. This one also has no corpses found. Here are my comments:

Starting out I really wasn't sure if this one would be possible. This Fort has such varied terrain and there are guards in all sorts of awkward spots. This took a lot of patience and had less movement than I would like, but it was still satisfying to complete what seemed impossible.

Almost everything I want to say about this run is covered in the annotations in the video itself, but I do want to point out that at 3:20 I'm quickly checking to make sure the soldier on the platform is facing away before I use the Rope Dart. It happens too fast to put in a readable annotation, but it's a significant detail. Of course, there's also the big mistake near the end. Sorry about that. It's definitely possible to kill that soldier in a way that doesn't cause him to fall from the platform, I just didn't want to start over again at that point.

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Fort St-Mathieu Silent Extermination
{front-paged: Lisa}

Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort St-Mathieu

First, a request. I play this game through a Steam shortcut to get the Steam overlay in game, but the latest Uplay update unfortunately seems incompatible with the Steam overlay. If anyone knows a way of fixing this without cracking the game, please tell me.

This was another extremely challenging run, but one without compromises. SSI is on again, for the same reason as before, and it doesn't give me any real advantage. I would have had to wait for the Captain to come around again before moving to kill the pair of soldiers at 4:45 to stay safe, but that would have been the only big change.

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Taking the Forts with Perfect Stealth One Last Time: Silent Exterminations

(promoted to the front page by Lisa)

It's been a little while, hasn't it?

After completing perfect stealth pacifist runs of every Fort using only fists I decided to try the opposite of pacifism. For this final challenge I'll kill every single enemy within the walls of the Forts (literally within the walls, since there are often many enemies outside but still in the restricted zone that would be extremely tedious or impossible to kill under my restrictions) using only the Hidden Blades except where absolutely necessary, and to make things even sweeter I'll save the Captains for last. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do every Fort, but I'll certainly try.

The first episode, Fort Washington, is here, and just like my previous videos on it it's a two-for-one deal.

I don't think it's possible to do a Barehanded version of this challenge without relying heavily on Smoke Bombs, so I won't be trying that. Feel free to try to prove me wrong.

I'll keep this thread updated whenever I post a new video in this series. Enjoy!

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"Meet Me in the Afterlife" - Haytham Kenway's Early Death
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Haytham Kenway's Early Death
After the last scene in the memory, you have to save Haytham, resulting in a fight. Here's a way to avoid being detected. You'll need to have purchased the gun that shoots three bullets at once. With it you can take out all three of the men holding Haytham captive at once, avoiding detection.

After that the other soldier targets appear, but since you are anonymous they won't attack on sight. Kill four of them, using poison to avoid detection. Make sure you called a horse to replenish the poison (crafted saddle bags required).

After the four other guards die, Haytham will run away. Put him between you and one of the guards. As long as the guard can be targeted, you can throw the poison. Guess what? Haytham is affected by the poison! Of course you shouldn't use the poison too early, or you will desynch shortly afterward. Wait for the four guards to die first. A good time is when Haytham starts talking. Shortly afterwards the game doesn't record his health and he runs away.

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Taking the Forts with perfect stealth - pure pacifism and no detection meters

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[Adapted for the front page by stabguy]

I've created a video series I think many people on this forum might like.

I've been playing the Assassin's Creed series since 2010, going through all the main entries, and I've always been interested in the design of their stealth gameplay. AC3 offers what I think are the best opportunities for exploring its possibilities yet in the Forts, but even still most people will end up killing their way through them. I wasn't satisfied with this, so I decided to do the opposite.

I challenged myself to take every Fort without killing or incapacitating any enemies outside of the Captains, which are required, even going so far as to make sure no guards or civilians were ever killed in powder reserve explosions, while keeping interactions with them to a minimum. I would also remain totally unseen; you won't spot any detection meters in this series ever, unless I'm trying to demonstrate something afterward.


I'd be happy to answer any questions people here might have, and I also hope someone can answer a couple of questions I have after going through this challenge.

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