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Fort Duquesne Silent Extermination

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Assassin's Creed III - Silent Extermination - Fort Duquesne

Just keeping on rolling. This one also has no corpses found. Here are my comments:

Starting out I really wasn't sure if this one would be possible. This Fort has such varied terrain and there are guards in all sorts of awkward spots. This took a lot of patience and had less movement than I would like, but it was still satisfying to complete what seemed impossible.

Almost everything I want to say about this run is covered in the annotations in the video itself, but I do want to point out that at 3:20 I'm quickly checking to make sure the soldier on the platform is facing away before I use the Rope Dart. It happens too fast to put in a readable annotation, but it's a significant detail. Of course, there's also the big mistake near the end. Sorry about that. It's definitely possible to kill that soldier in a way that doesn't cause him to fall from the platform, I just didn't want to start over again at that point.

One additional thing: I've got a revised strategy for Fort Independence where no corpses are found. The thing is that it requires the use of two Smoke Bombs, or a Poison Dart and a Smoke Bomb. That's lame, but does anyone still want to see it? Let me know.

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It was still satisfying to complete what seemed impossible. - [Link removed -stabguy]

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I give up. No more playing this game for me. It's more enjoyable to suggest challenges and watch you complete them.

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