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Benjamin Hornigold

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Early Deaths in We Demand a Parlay and Boarding "The Benjamin"

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We Demand a Parlay Early Deaths

Sequence 7 memory 1. Woodes Rogers shows up to make a deal with the pirates. Many of the later targets are present, giving opportunities for Early Deaths. At the very beginning you can race ahead of the tailing targets to reach four prestaged characters. Normally they are immune to any types of attacks you throw at them, but two of them, Burgess and Cockram, can be killed with the ax special attack. The axes can be obtained from two brutes who conveniently spawn nearby (technically you can use one ax twice). I also tried blowing up a barrel, but that doesn't do anything to them.

After the tailing is over the targets go inside the fortress and disappear until the next scene.

Boarding "The Benjamin"

Sequence 10 memory 2. In the memory Murder and Mayhem first you locate "The Benjamin", but instead of boarding it you're supposed to try to sink it, which results in Benjamin Hornigold escaping on an island, which results in his assassination.

Here's how to board. After locating the ship restart from the last checkpoint. If you don't you won't be able to release the wheel, even if you're not in combat. When coming from the loading screen quickly tap the slow down button to make the ship come to a complete stop and if you hold the button down fast enough you'll release the wheel. While swimming for the ship you can avoid it's gunfire by going into stealth swim and resurfacing right after the gunshot and go back to stealth swim again.

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