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Backstage Pass to Governor Woodes Rogers' Party

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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flags Sequence 12 Memory 1 A Governor no Longer

An Early Death right before the assassination of Woodes Rogers.

Early Death

Many thanks to Altair Auditore, who found you can use a bayonet for ranged kills in this memory, despite all other far range weapons being unavailable. At the beginning of the checkpoint before entering the party, head left and kill the two rooftop guards, picking up the bayonet. This is the same roof Altair Auditore used to get his bayonet in the original video. Now enter the party area from the back to avoid starting Woodes Rogers' speech.

Because detection leads to desynch, you'll want to remove as many guards as possible in the nearby area. Start with any guards patrolling behind the fence. In the back part of the party area your first ideal victim is patrolling. Lure him with a whistle from the tall grass. A trick I learned is to hold down Armed hand so that Edward kills the guard as soon as he comes in range. This is important because if you're not fast enough, guards can detect you before you can take them out, and it isn't reliable enough to press Armed hand as soon as the prompt appears.

Next guy is standing by the tables. Make sure you are positioned right behind the guard so that his body is in view of the guard inside the gazebo. Speaking of which, the guard in the gazebo may notice the body while turning in his patrol (it could take a few circuits though. Also he seems to notice the body more when Edward is closer to it). After inspecting the body, he'll search the nearby grass. The spot he always goes to is at the very edge, right next to the table. Cover kill him at that place and the body won't fall into the grass because of the torch between you and the guard during the kill. This works to your advantage because another guard spots the body.

Now that there aren't any guards who can immediately detect you, it's time for the target's death early. A gunshot is the only way to end his life without having to start the speech. Immediately after shooting, make a mad dash for the tall grass outside the fence. If you are fast enough, no guard will have spotted you. To make sure you aren't seen by any of the suspicious guards combing and searching the area, hide towards the back of the grass and don't leave until the suspicion clears (no yellow line around the minimap). Obviously I wanted to keep eliminating guards, and came close to getting seen. If you're wondering why not stay in the grass in the party area, the guards walk through there after hearing the gunshot, and I always was detected. But there's always a chance they might not bump into you if you tried enough times.

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Early Deaths in We Demand a Parlay and Boarding "The Benjamin"

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We Demand a Parlay Early Deaths

Sequence 7 memory 1. Woodes Rogers shows up to make a deal with the pirates. Many of the later targets are present, giving opportunities for Early Deaths. At the very beginning you can race ahead of the tailing targets to reach four prestaged characters. Normally they are immune to any types of attacks you throw at them, but two of them, Burgess and Cockram, can be killed with the ax special attack. The axes can be obtained from two brutes who conveniently spawn nearby (technically you can use one ax twice). I also tried blowing up a barrel, but that doesn't do anything to them.

After the tailing is over the targets go inside the fortress and disappear until the next scene.

Boarding "The Benjamin"

Sequence 10 memory 2. In the memory Murder and Mayhem first you locate "The Benjamin", but instead of boarding it you're supposed to try to sink it, which results in Benjamin Hornigold escaping on an island, which results in his assassination.

Here's how to board. After locating the ship restart from the last checkpoint. If you don't you won't be able to release the wheel, even if you're not in combat. When coming from the loading screen quickly tap the slow down button to make the ship come to a complete stop and if you hold the button down fast enough you'll release the wheel. While swimming for the ship you can avoid it's gunfire by going into stealth swim and resurfacing right after the gunshot and go back to stealth swim again.

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Laurens Prins Assassination Variety Pack

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Surprise, everyone! I finally got to playing Black Flags.

Early Death

Shortly before the assassination you tail the target on an eavesdropping mission. Right before the scene at the end you have a chance of killing both Prins and Torres (who I believe to also be a target in the game, although I haven't gotten that far yet) in a double air assassination.

It's a bit tricky since there are a couple of brutes right there, plus you don't want to do anything that would interrupt the conversation or the scene might start before the end of the conversation which would make predicting the time the scene starts impossible. Sleep darts help in keeping them at bay, but don't use beserk darts since that would draw their attention (in the video I used a beserk dart to lower a brute's health to kill him with one shot of the pistol).

It seems Ubisoft tried to make it impossible for an Early Death because shortly before the scene the targets are invincible to attacks, although there aren't for a split second before the scene starts (during that split second they change from yellow to red in eagle vision).

You don't actually see the kill, but you hear the sound of the blades. further proof is the glitched scene!

Completely Stealthy Pacifist Run

The goal is to be as stealthy as possible, the closest thing to a mysterious death. This means no yellow or red social status indicators. Start off by entering the place from the right. Sometimes I've gotten seen; it might have been because I wasn't fast enough or there might be some luck involved. After climbing the mansion stay to the left of the archer. There are two guards patrolling the backyard area. Move when their backs are turned and you won't have any trouble.

Now for the assassination. I chose a low profile fist kill because it was non lethal and matched the "mysterious" description. I may not be an expert on strangling, but I'd be willing to bet it can be done without leaving any marks.

"Employee of the Month"

For the fun of it I wanted to try killing the target with a beserked guard. the closest guard patrolling the backyard area is the best option, but it will take luring to get him to directly go after the target. When he comes from one side of the patrol he temporarily stops by the alarm bell. From the stalking zone you are close enough to attract him with a whistle. I took out the other guard by the back of the house because the beserked guard might go after him instead, depending on whether he or the target is closer.

When in combat with the poisoned guard the target gets in a battle stance but makes no attempt to attack (also if you poison the target to fight you he won't attack either.) Now for a surprise. By doing this I managed to complete an Abstergo challenge and got the Employee of the Month achievement for completing twenty five Abstergo challenges.

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Woodes Rogers assassination variety pack

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Since the assassination in memory 1 of sequence 12 has a relatively high amount of freedom (Except for the detection desync sadly) I decided to make a compilation of cool/unique ways of killing him.

The set-ups of most of the assassinations are included in the video so detailed explanations aren't really neccesary.

In the video you can see that I get rid of 3 dancers before luring the target, this is because guiding 1 NPC is easier than guiding 4.

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