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Follow The Money: Assassination Variety Pack

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Here's a little Variety Pack on the mission "Follow The Money" (Sequence 5) where you have to take out silently the guard inside the Pantheon. It includes: Air Assassination, Eagle Strike, Stunt Assassination and a Parachute-Drop Assassination.

I also figured how to enter in Pantheon without follow the rooftop scripted route. Once I entered the guard doesn't appear, the only thing I can do is to pick and move the chest.
With the second method I entered in the Pantheon before the cutscene started. In this way the guard will appear, but it can't be pre-assassinated. I tryed throwing a range weapon (without results) and also tried to kill him in other ways, but I always get desynchronized.

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Probably because the game was made on Xbox first, then ported to ps3. downsides of that means the ps3 has longer load times and worse screentear at some points, but it might have gotten a little more bug-testing. Of course, they're obviously trying to make the consoles more equal, since they have a larger team now.

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The PS3 version doesn't seem as fun with these exploits. The xbox looks like it has more opportunity to do more unintentional things in the game. That's just what I've experienced.

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Good job, Altair92. I was inspired to try infiltrating through the front door in order to move the chest, as you showed. But it seems to be impossible on the PS3. As soon as I get to the part where you have to drop down to the top part of the door, Ezio's ally gets killed and desynchronizes.

Oh, well. I'll just have to watch your video some more.

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